Early Christmas Spirit


Devyn Smith, Student Art Manager

With Halloween over and Thanksgiving on the horizon, students and families are already getting in the holly jolly Christmas spirit. And it’s not what you would expect coming from people only a week into November. All around, families rush to pack up all the remains of their Halloween decorations and hang up as many Christmas lights as they can. But this year, people are as early as ever.

“I’ve seen about 5 houses so far with at least some lights on their roof, and a couple more houses that have inflatables up. I like the decorations, of course, but we haven’t even been a full week into November. Like it’s actually crazy how early people get with Christmas, like do they not care about Thanksgiving?” Says Kierstin Smith, a Junior.

Christmas is a great holiday, with amazing activities for families and friends, the cold snow to play in, the jolly music, and of course the delicious food. The best part of Christmas is the cheerful spirit it brings. This comes from the Christmas season and the most beautiful scenery. This is because of the decorations. Christmas lights and inflatables, along with lots of other decorations are biggest reason people get into the Christmas spirit early.

“My favorite part of Christmas is of course the giving season, and the presents. I love giving to others. But my second favorite thing about the holiday is the vibes it gives. With all the snow and Christmas lights, I just love it. Just like, imagine walking down the sidewalk at night, the crunching sound from the snow. The warmness from my big fluffy coat, looking at all the different colors of the lights. It’s just the best thing ever.” Says Anna Bentley, a Junior.

While everyone starts to prepare for the Christmas season, Thanksgiving is being more and more forgotten. Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday. It’s good to be grateful for what we have, and to know what a privilege it is to have everything we do. Thanksgiving is a very important holiday to celebrate, and though it isn’t as exciting as Christmas is, it still deserves to be celebrated like Christmas. Most people’s excuses for decorating for Christmas early is that Thanksgiving is just like Christmas. Thanksgiving should have its own decorations up, and other festivities before Christmas. A Christmas tree doesn’t really fit in with Thanksgiving.

Kierstin Smith also says, “My family likes to unpack and put up all of our decorations in the first week of November, and I don’t really mind it very much. But I like to put up some fall decorations that fit in with Thanksgiving, because I want to be able to feel like I’m celebrating Thanksgiving before Christmas coming a month later. I don’t like very much how people want to set up their Christmas tree instantly after Halloween, it just doesn’t fit very well.”

Some people may argue that getting in the Christmas spirit early is a good thing. And that can very well be true. Christmas season is a very festive and happy time for a lot of people. Decorating and preparing for the Christmas season is a very enjoyable activity and can bring many different people to a peace of mind.

“I love to set up my decorations early just because I love setting up my decorations. There’s no real reason why it must be so early, I just want to experience it the most I possibly can. And of course, I decorate for Thanksgiving as well, I just feel like Christmas and Thanksgiving give some of the same feelings I love. So, the Christmas decorations fit in well with Thanksgiving.” Says Jaren Bingham, a local in the area.

Everyone may have different opinions about preparing for Christmas before Thanksgiving. Some may say it’s way too early, and some may say it fits right in, and it’s never too early. The truth of it all is that people can do whatever makes them happy, and if that thing is setting up their decorations early, then so be it. It shouldn’t be made into a big controversy.