Pasco High Yearbook


Jasmine Chavez, Site Manager

High school is a time of wonderful exciting and adventurous memories with your friends and favorite teachers. You’re only in high school once so appreciate it and have fun and get your yearbook to hold those high school memories.

Now, Mr. Rust’s social media marketing class is trying to sell the yearbooks and getting more people to buy them and just trying to get more people to buy and getting people more involved with the yearbook so all students can be included in more pictures other than your school ID picture. His goal is to sell as many yearbooks as he can and in hope that most students get a yearbook and get those memories forever. Right now Rust he has some of his social media marketing students in charge of the Pasco yearbook Instagram account and Snapchat account trying to pursue students to buy a yearbook. Take a look around the school you can find yearbooks QR codes.

Many people might not want to get the yearbook maybe because it’s too expensive, they think they won’t be in the yearbook, waiting to get one on their senior year or simply because they just don’t want one. But getting a yearbook is recommended because you only live the high school experience once and you can buy a book full of your high school memories and keep it forever.

Simply just by joining clubs, going to games,  participating in any after-school activities can get you more pictures of yourself on the yearbook. If you’re doing something really cool in your science class you can go tell Mr. Rust about it and he would gladly send one of his yearbook students to take pictures to add it to the yearbook.

Getting the yearbook is suggested because a yearbook can hold so many memories that one just can’t remember from the top of their head and just flipping through the pages, it can give you a little glimpses of that memory that is very memorable and vivid to you and having a yearbook that you can hold on for forever and be able to show your kids grandkids great grandkids and in general anyone.