Homelessness Increase


Madison Bell, Breaking News Tracker

Homelessness is an issue our country has always faced. Unfortunately, once Covid-19 hit this issue only increased. According to Washington states rise in homelessness outplaced the nations, according to report, an article in Seattle times said, “Washington saw one of the biggest estimated increases in people experiencing homelessness in the country between 2019 and 2020”.  This is an alarming issue, that could have profound consequences within the state and community. According to the article “Washington saw an overall increase of 6.2%, or 1,364 people – the third largest increase in the number of homeless people among all 50 states”  

Homelessness can be broken down into various categories to further show where this issue is thriving the most. There was a 20% increase of family homelessness between 2019 to 2020. According to Washington State Wire this was one of the largest increases nationwide. According to the Washington State Wire said, “-28% or 1,884 of the families are experiencing homelessness were unsheltered. Vancouver, Washington reported a majority, 54%, of the homeless families in the area were unsheltered.” This is a huge percentage of unsheltered homelessness in just one city. According to the Washington State Wire said, “Seattle and King County reported 3,743 people in families with children that are experiencing family homelessness. Spokane County reported 363 people.”  

According to the United States of Interagency Council on Homelessness 1,607 Veterans are experiencing homelessness, 6,756 are experiencing chronic homelessness, and 1,777 are unaccompanied young adults (Aging from 18-25) are experiencing homelessness within Washington State. According to the United States of Interagency Council on Homelessness for Public School Data 39,972 are homeless students, 6,392 are unaccompanied homeless students, 2,830 are nighttime residents unsheltered, 4,785 are nighttime residents sheltered, 2,486 nighttime resident’s hotel or motel, 29,871 are nighttime residents doubled up. Alarmingly big numbers just within Washington State. A big part of our young students is being affected by such a life altering issue, the pandemic has only escalated this issue.  

What are negative ways homelessness impacts society? 

Homelessness can negatively affect the community and society. The higher the homeless rate is the higher the crime rate is. This could be for a few reasons, many people who are homeless deal with mental illness, physical health issues, robbery, drug and alcohol abuse/misuse and assault. According to The Lancet Public Health said, “mental illness and physical health problems, exacerbates existing health problems, increases the likelihood of being perpetrator of violence” Making this an issue for safety, especially if living in an environment where homelessness is high.