Romeo and Juliet Play


This year’s spring play was Romeo and Juliet. The cast of Romeo and Juliet stayed after school for weeks working on the play. They worked hard so family and friends could enjoy the play. The first time they performed in front of an audience was Friday, April 21st, and then they performed again Saturday, April 22nd. They had the play a week apart, so they performed April 28th and 29th. They rehearsed/performed at the Pasco High Auditorium.  

About the Capulet Family: the Capulet family is one of pride and highly socializing families. In the Capulet family there is Lord and Lady Capulet, Juliet, Tybalt-their kinsman, and their nurse.  

About the Montague Family: In the Montague family there is Montague and Lady Montague, Romeo, Benvolio-Romeo’s cousin, Balthasar-Romeo’s serving man, and Abram-Montague’s serving man.  

Romeo (played by: Heraclio Suarez) and Juliet (played by: Jenna Bragg) is about two families, Montagues, and Capulets, who are enemies. How Romeo and Juliet meet, is when Juliet’s family (Capulets) is throwing a party and Romeo and his friends attend in disguise, and when Romeo see’s Juliet for the first time, he cannot help but fall in love with her because he thinks she is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. When they both look at each other and talk to each other for the first time, they decide that they want to get married to each other and not have to marry someone their family picks. 

After Romeo and Juliet had met, they wanted to be together forever, but they knew that their families would not approve of them. However, when Romeo told Friar Laurence (played by: Miguel Villanueva) he thought that Romeo and Juliet would be perfect together.  

I talked to Jenna Bragg who played Juliet. She said that she “has always been interested in Shakespeare, she loves the romantic, melodramatic, and violent themes about Romeo and Juliet, which is why she auditioned for the play.”

When Jenna got the part of Juliet, she was “extremely excited.”

Getting the role of Juliet was a dream for Jenna and she thought it was a wonderful experience. What made her nervous was the prep before performing, it was more nerve-racking than performing. She liked the idea of everyone looking at her while performing which did not make her that nervous. 

I also talked to Heraclio Suarez who played Romeo. Heraclio said that, “he auditioned for the play because he has always liked acting and thought it would be fun.”

Before he got the role of playing Romeo, he had another role, but was surprised when he got asked to play Romeo. Heraclio was more nervous about the prep before he went on stage and when he did go on stage, he was not nervous but when he looked into the audience his heart started racing but focused on what he was doing. 

Romeo and Juliet is a timeless play that continues to captivate audiences with its tragic tale of young love. The tragic ending is a poignant reminder of the excessive cost of passion and the importance of understanding and compassion. Shakespeare’s masterful use of language and poetic devices creates a beautiful and haunting world that draws in the audience and allows them to experience the full range of emotions felt by the characters. Let us hope the first-year students in the play keep doing or working on the play’s their next four years.