What Type of Fashion Styles Do We have Right Now??


Many different fashion styles have been making a comeback right now in 2023. For example, with Y2K it had originally started in the late 1990s and mid 2000s, but it returned back in 2020, now many girls wear it and since then it has been trending for quite some time already.

As the increase of more people using the internet and social media, the more fashion influence people have picked up from different countries all over the world, this has given inspiration to all fashion styles globally which have also created a variety of fashion trends.

While I researched what types of fashion styles do we have right now on Pinterest I came across a lot of them, some were similar, and some were different and they were also mostly for young adults, I picked three styles in total since they were the most, I kept on seeing. The first one was streetwear, I noticed it was quite influenced by East Asia like South Korea and Japan. Streetwear was about wearing baggy clothes, leather jackets, cargo pants, maxi skirts, sweater vest, oversized shirts etc.

The other style was modernized grunge, it’s all about wearing low rise pants, miniskirts, lots of layering, tights/ leg warmers and especially with the more usage of textures in clothes, like crochet sweaters and hand warmers and a lot of accessorizing with jewelry.

The last fashion style I came upon was the opposite of modernized grunge, it was coquette/ ballet core, it was mostly about pastel tone clothes like ballet flats, leg warmers, lace tights, slip dresses, Mary janes shoes, flowy/airy tops, sheer tops and bows.

As the years keep on going by, the more fashionable styles will keep on evolving and keep on returning by… well that is the cycle of fashion. Can’t wait to see the upcoming trends this year!!