Top 3 Worst Types of Students at PHS

Today we will be talking about the top 3 worst types of students in the halls at Pasco High School and why I dislike them, if you are one of these people don’t take it to heart.

#1 Slow walkers- what do they walk so slow for? Please move to the side if you are a slow walker and let people pass, I don’t want to push them out of the way and be rude but why do you guys walk so slow in the middle of the halls and down the stairs during passing periods it’s like you’re asking to be pushed or asking to be yelled at, also really dislike when its multiple people in one line in the middle of the halls like I get it you want to talk to your friends but in the middle of the hallway, Really?

#2 Loud people- what are you yelling for? It’s 7 am you have no reason to be so loud. I get it if they’re happy and have a really good reason, but why do they yell and laugh so loud. I’m not talking about those normal laughs that don’t last much. I’m talking about those really loud laughs that are over-exaggerated please stop it’s too early for that and nobody wants to hear you yell and laugh really loud across the halls.

#3 people who just stop walking completely- why are you standing directly in front of the stairs or even in the middle of the stairs, in front of doors, in front of bathrooms, and AGAIN in the middle of the hallways like really? Do you want to get run over? Move to the side if you’re talking to someone don’t stop in the middle.

Dishonorable Mention: those types of people who are running around chasing each other around the halls. I like playing tag with my little cousins but doing it in the school hallways is a whole different thing.