Get to Know Mr. Deleon

Get to Know Mr. Deleon

Job Title: Leader/Educator/Teacher  

Hobbies: Favorite Musical Artist: Beatles/Rolling Stones/ Ramon Ayala/Selena/ ACDC / and 70’s music    

Celebrity Look a Like: Keanu Reeves when I was young  

What were you like in high school? Cool, long hair and fitting in with athletes  

What was the most ridiculous thing you got in trouble for in school? Bringing NUNCHUCKs to school.   

If you could meet any person, living or dead, who would it be? They all passed away, my father, Abraham Lincoln and my dog Lobo and all the Angels that helped me get through the toughest times here on earth.   

What are three things on your bucket list? Live near a beach in Spain or (reside in South America) for two or more years, restore an old 1966 Ford truck and play golf in Mexico.  

How old is your oldest pair of shoes? 16 years  

When was the last time you had an epic faceplant or wipe-out?  5 years ago body surfing in Hawaii and many many years ago, snow skiing off a mogul at Snoqualmie Pass (twice) trying to do a possible maneuver (back scratch with skis and a helicopter twirl) and skiing the curves way too fast.