Top 4 Best Types of Students at PHS

Top 4 best types of students at PHS and why I don’t dislike them, if you are one of these people, please be my friend, unless you are one of the 3 people from my other story if you haven’t read it, what are you doing? Go read it.

#1 People who randomly compliment you- Have you ever had a day where you just don’t feel confident about how you look or how the outfit you planned all night came out, and you walk into the bathroom or walk in the halls and someone randomly unexpectedly compliments you? It’s the best feeling ever I instantly feel so much better and think about it all throughout the day, it’s even better when they complement the thing you weren’t confident about, I even start to wonder what their name was.

#2 People who back you up in arguments- When you’re having an argument (not serious arguments) and someone starts backing you up and adding more to why your right makes the argument so much better and funnier especially when it’s a funny argument that is a joke and not serious at all, makes me feel like I really am right even when I know I’m wrong.

#3 Funny people you meet in new classes- I don’t know about you guys but whenever I start new classes I’m thinking about one thing on the way there, am I going to know anyone in there? If there isn’t anyone, I know there’s always that one person that sits with you and is super nice and funny, continues the conversation without making it awkward, and continues to talk to you all throughout the class and continues to sit with you for the rest of the trimester.  

#4 People who offer you gum without you asking- I don’t care what type of gum it is if someone randomly offers or gives me gum without me asking for one or hinting, I want one, I’ll take it and they are automatically my friend now.