Top 5 Things I “Love” About PHS!

It wouldn’t be Pasco High without ’em!

Top 5 Things I Love About PHS!

Being a student here at PHS is… definitely something (I think that’s the nicest thing I can say without being censored)! Here’s the things that make PHS such a “fun” experience! 

1.) The Freshmen 

I have no idea what’s going on with the freshmen this year, but they are absolutely HORRID. If you’re a freshman reading this, please know that everyone is annoyed with you. Kindergarteners have better manners than you guys. Like playing tag in the hallway, yelling and screaming at 7 IN THE MORNING, standing around IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HALLWAY, and overall, just being terrible to teachers? Like c’mon guys. Lots of teachers I know are begging to not have any freshmen in their classes because their attitudes are atrocious, and I agree. I know it’s your first year of high school, but just act like a regular human. Please.  

2.) Quiet Classrooms 

I don’t know if you’ve had any classes this year where it’s incredibly silent, but I absolutely hate it. I hate when things are super awkward, so I always end up volunteering in class, but it gets even more awkward for me when I’m the only one that ever answers. It’s not that hard to answer a question, just raise your hand!! Even if you get it wrong who cares? At least you participated and you’re actively learning. It makes you a better student overall. 

3.) Our School Spirit

I’ve already written tons of stories about it but: yeah, it sucks. I’m the president of Dogpound (our school spirit club) and we spend days, weeks, and MONTHS planning rallies and game theme nights just for people to completely blow it off, like what am I even doing this for????? People always have negative stuff to say too, like if you can do better, join the club and give us suggestions! Or talk to ASB and Mr. Lamb! Nobody even participates in spirit chants anymore either, they always think it’s embarrassing. To be very completely honest: nobody cares enough about you to make fun of you for doing a spirit chant. If you think you’re important enough to be made fun of for THAT… then I have some bad news for you. I promise you, no one in high school cares about anyone other than themselves. It’s literally high school, everyone’s so self-conscious and insecure that they can’t really care about anyone else. So just have fun and forget about other people’s opinions for once. It’ll make life wayyyy easier on you. 

4.) People Standing in the Middle of the Walkway 

Like I mentioned earlier, I absolutely despise it when everyone just randomly groups in the middle of the hallway. PLEASE just go to class. I have to admit, it’s not just the freshmen doing it, literally everyone at PHS does it and it makes my blood boil. It’s even worse in the student mall. Everyone just stands near the stairs and the doors, and you can barely make it to your portable on time I CAN’T STAND IT! It gets hot and musty in the hallway too; I just can’t understand why you would want to stand in a cloud of stink and must.  

 5.) The Stench

Speaking of the hallway, the heavy stench in the hallways is enough to make me want to get to class on time. I’m so sorry but some of you stink so bad it makes me gag. It’s like they purposely leave the house smelling like onions and dookie crumbs. Do you not smell yourself? Do you use soap or deodorant? The dollar store is not that far from the school, you can easily go over there and buy yourself some for 1 DOLLAR (and 25 cents). I’ve heard teachers talk about it and they are absolutely fed up with it too. I beg you guys to shower, at least 3x a week. Sometimes you can even take a washcloth and some soap and just clean your armpits and your delicate bits. That will hold you over for at most 2 days. Just please, practice better personal hygiene. Because I don’t want to come to school wearing a gas mask. 

6.) Bonus ick: The Student Parking Lot 

Off the bat: some of you guys should not have your license. Just saying. How on earth did you manage to get a license when you can’t even look before backing out? It’s also such a pain to get out after school. It’ll take 10 minutes to even start backing out. But actually leaving the lot??? That’s a whole different story. The traffic on the main road just makes me want to jump out of the car and walk home instead. (personally, I think we should petition to expand that road but that’s something for another time.) 

In all, this is what makes coming to PHS so enjoyable! I hope I’ve convinced many of you to stay!