Top 5 Things I ACTUALLY Love About PHS

I’ll be serious this time (maybe).

             Last week, I wrote an article about things I “liked” about PHS which was very sarcastic and full of anger because yes. Pasco High isn’t all that bad, there’s a good and bad of everything. I do actually enjoy coming here (sometimes) and obviously I wouldn’t continue to be a student here if I didn’t. Here are some things that I actually like about PHS! (for real this time) 

 1.) The Staff! 

             As someone who is always down in student services for reasons I shall not speak of, I naturally become friends with the counselors and secretaries down there. They are super caring and supportive people and will truly help you with anything you need. Counselors get a bad rep for how unhelpful they can be, especially when it comes to mental health but that definitely does not describe our counselors. Even Daniel, the secretary down there, is a great person to talk to about anything! They’re all great and funny people and I honestly have no idea how I’d make it through high school without them. They are my lifesavers. 

        It’s not just the staff in student services, but all around the school! The lunch ladies, security, teachers and the front office staff too. I happen to spend a lot of time around these people once again for reasons I shall not speak of (I promise I’m not a bad student) and I can say: some of the most interesting people at this school. Once you stop fearing them and see them as regular people, they’re really easy to talk to. Obviously, you have to keep your boundaries and remember that it is a student-teacher relationship but becoming friends with them makes school a little more bearable. But remember: they are mandated reporters and if you say anything a little too concerning they will report you. Just saying. 

2.) Clubs! 

        Clubs and sports are a great way to meet people. There’s soooo many clubs to choose from with a wide variety of interests too! There’s a Dungeons and Dragons club, Anime club, gaming club, LGBTQ+ book club, Dogpound, photography club, fashion club, and wayyy more that I can’t fit here. But if you’re ever interested in the full list, talk to Mr. Lamb to find out. It helps you become more involved in the school, which is honestly how I became good friends with some of the staff. If you’ve got nothing to do after school most days, join a club and spend some time there! 

3.) Friends 

           As much as the people here annoy me, I also love them. Friends are what make coming to PHS worth it.  My friends are what making coming to PHS fun. Not just my friends, but the people here in general are multi-faceted people. You should try talking to someone random next time, you never know what you might learn. Making friends here is always super fun and having a solid group of people with you during high school definitely makes it a lot easier. 

4.) Our Diversity 

        I can’t tell you how happy I am that we have such a mix of cultures. Maybe it’s because I’m a history nerd, but It’s always interesting to learn more about other traditions, holidays, religions, music, food, etc. I’m so glad we don’t have a bunch of white kids (no offense) running around campus because it would be a very… different environment to say the least. We have such a wide range of races like Mexican, African American, Asian, Native American, and many more in-between. Like I said before, take sometime to get to know new people! You never know what you might learn. 

5.) The Pizza 

           Now, usually the school lunch is a hit or miss, but one thing that always hits is the pizza! The pizza is so good and it doesn’t taste like that weird “whole grain” stuff they serve all the time (curse you Michelle Obama). Even if it is whole grain, you would never know because it’s just THAT GOOD! They have different types of options too like cheese pizza, pineapple pizza, pepperoni pizza, pepperoni and jalapeno pizza and ham pizza! There’s enough variety that you could pick a different pizza each day of the week! It’s really nice. Honorable mention: the chicken alfredo is also amazing it’s pretty much gourmet prison food but it’s good enough that I actually finish the whole thing! 

      In all, these are some of my favorite things about PHS. Not going to lie, making this list was a little harder than the other one BUT that just shows that you can find the positives even in the most horrendous things!