How PHS Has Changed?


Looking through yearbooks all the way back to the 1980s, our school as old as it may seem has its own stories and traditions though sadly with the newer generation of students, we’ve hanged up the shoes and left them long gone. For example, school dances, senior activities, and are slowly fading losing that enjoyment for students to actual feel that sense of “all in.” As a child of a Pasco High graduate, I’ve heard several stories surrounding my fathers time at this school and realizing we have a very distinct views of this school.

Let’s start off with school dances, out of the time we have in-between trimesters so much is possible for students to have refreshers and socialize with other classmates though it seems rather a drag to explore friendships along classmates. I look at my friends at other schools having winter balls, spring flings, homecoming, and prom that are packed with school spirit. Unlike Pasco, its extremely lucky for our small get together dances to have a sensation of fun rather than be called “crappy” or “embarrassing.” While having a conversation with my father about me going to prom he said, “I remember prom being a big thing, I didn’t go because it wasn’t for me, but it brought school spirit because it was actually part of putting yourself out there as part of the school than being a dress-up occasion.” It’s true most of us go to be with our friends, dress up, and a milestone of having fun but altogether if we truly think about it putting small amounts of effort to enjoy the little things our school does to make our high school life enjoyable can truly lift our pride to say we’re Pasco Bulldogs.

As we move on to the final month of this 2022-2023 school year, looking back to how we treated our seniors it felt poorly tended all these three years after Covid. Coming from a junior, many of us have elevated expectations of what our senior year will be like. However, as students we need to be putting that 100% for staff members to acknowledge we care for what they’re doing to make our high school years fun rather than thinking it’s a complete embarrassment. For example, looking through our yearbooks a lot of seniors got refreshers like senior sunset Drive-In, senior movie night, senior skip day, and more during the trimesters. While some of our seniors may be uptight not wanting to come to high school events because they’re “childish” it’s altogether an opportunity you won’t get when you’re older to feel like a kid again.

I remember my cousin who was a senior last year (Keren M.) was that percentage of seniors that went to all the senior activities and even football games, didn’t even miss one because she believed it was the high school experience everyone most go to. While mentioning senior year she explained “You never have the chance to have fun with your friends like that soon you guys get jobs, college is super tuff, …it’s just not the same anymore.” Therefore, we as a school need motivation and care for what we’re being given because soon enough time flies by and like our fellow graduate, HAVE FUN!

As we get to experience our high school years, we as a school need to personalize that change at Pasco High to not feel like coming to school is a dread and feeling pressured by teachers and staff. The school may change in different directions and we as students may not like it but if we take it to heart by saying it’s dumb for our school than we’re just creating gaps to enjoy our school’s “school spirit” through our four years.