What Changed with School Dances? The Past to Now?


What has changed from the past to now in school dances?

I have interviewed some students and teachers and have asked them what did they think that has changed in school dances from the past to now.

A teacher that I have spoken too has said that when they went to their school dance it was fun and that they enjoyed their time at their school dance. They said they had fun hanging out with their friends, and they had danced and overall had a good time.

However, when I had asked a student how the dance was it was the complete opposite. They told me they were bored, they complained about the music, or they had said it was too crowded.

So what exactly has changed?

Well, for starters when I asked the teachers what changed, one teacher gave me an interesting answer,  and said that “times were different back then.” When I asked them what they meant by that they answered with “I don’t really know how to explain it, but I do know that times were different back then.” With just that respond it got me thinking that times have change, and with that things start to get more “modernized”  or “up too date” too fit in with the newer generations.

Some things that you could say have changed were that students in the past were more involved with their school than they are now. One of those examples would be that when there was a school dance students were more likely to attend or get more involved. Kids were also more social, so I would say they had a bit more of a chance to get dates to school dances! Where as nowadays kids tend to be more introverted, or worried about social media, or to concerned about themselves to even think about socializing with other students which one could argue damages the fun in school activities!

Some students complain about the music as well. However when you think about it, students don’t do much to change it other than complain! Now if students want to do something about how “lame” the school dances are then it’s only fair that the students who want to see a change in the school dances start getting more involved in their school! Now I don’t know if we have this, but I think we should have surveys on what could “improve” the school dances, and if we do have that then students should just stop complaining and get to filling out those surveys and stop complaining about the school dances. I mean after all it’s not like the people who arrange the school dances can read minds.

This further proves my point that students in the past enjoyed their school dances, but they were also more involved in their own school.  As compared to now all the students do is complain but they also aren’t involved in their school own activities. So I say if you don’t like something in your school, then try to change it! (in a healthy way and not illegal way)