PHS School Store Review


I decided to do a review on the school store on May 2nd. I went and decided to ask for a strawberry smoothie, a bag of cookies and a red bull power up. I wanted to see how they would treat a customer and to see if they would be rude or nice.

The service was excellent because they will great you with a smile and they would say, “hey, how are you?  What can I get for you today?” So far, one of my top five customer service experiences.

I saw that all of the students that work for the school store have fun with what they do and enjoy being in there. They also play music and I see that that attracts more customers. Although it looked like the espresso section was a little tight, they had every thing under control.

In the school store, you can see the teacher Mr. Reynaldo Trevino and Tom. One can also see them help the students with anything that they need. When the students are stuck with something, you can see Tom and Trevino in there and you can see them help the students with anything that they might need. When they are not there, you can see the students that are managers that also help the beginner students with work and other jobs that they need to do.

Although the service was good, I didn’t think that a smoothie and red bull power up would take that long to come out to a customer. Although it took quite a bit to come out to me, they were good and I think it is worth the wait.

If you have never gone to the school store at PHS I would highly recommend it. I think that the service was good and the quality of the drinks and cookies is worth the wait.