PHS Gesa Branch Review


Free money for a small price of five transactions, this is what the Gesa branch here in Pasco High has been promoting for months. It’s a process for first time account members make an account and do five transactions (one per day) and as soon as you make that 5th transaction $100 dollars will be deposited into your account.


 But it’s not what it seems some unnamed employees at the branch believe there should be more to it not just a place where you can put in and take out money. 

One employee states, “even though it’s a work environment it can often get stressful, and you can feel the pressure of wanting to a good job for the members. Since its real work and we work with real members personal information we need to make sure we work good under pressure so we can satisfy our members”     

Although it may seem like the employees may like the place of employment, some of the members that I interviewed said it would be delightful to have an ATM machine which I don’t think its possible but maybe sometime in the future we will have one. 

“It helps us get out of our comfort zone and helps us learn to work with other people,” said one employee. 

I asked some people about the customer service in the branch and they said that it was “immaculate.”   

I myself have an account at the Gesa branch and I believe that the customer service is up to standards and that the branch manager does her job very well. 

Overall, I feel like the quality in the customer service representative and the teller and the branch manager is top tier and you should definitely be banking there.