Staying Motivated While in School

Staying Motivated While in School

Many students around the world may at some point feel they are not motivated to go to school. This article will go over some of the ways you can get motivated and how to prevent your morale from falling.  

According to upwards of 40% of high school students are disengaged from learning. This might be due to home, school, or family issues. One of the first steps in trying to stay motivated at school is to identify what is making you feel demotivated when at school. You might want to think about your surroundings, and I do not mean the building, I mean your friends and family.  

Some people procrastinate due to how unmotivated they are, but this only creates more problems as the homework you are leaving for later will stack up and at some point, you might not want to do it at all this in turn could turn into more demotivation as you might think you have to much homework and it’s not worth it. When you have work to do in class or at home it is essential to finish It so you can have a clearer head.  

Some people might have a lot of homework in general and might not be able to deal with it all, in turn they get demotivated by the amount of work they must do but there are still things you can do to make it better. Creating a schedule will help find at what time you want to do your homework, it is possibly one of the best things you can do as a student as when you have a schedule and you know exactly what time you will do some homework and when you are free to do what you want.  

You might be asking well what if I have an awfully long session of homework and it is too tiring to be doing it for hours, try the Pomodoro Technique which involves studying for twenty-five minutes and taking a break for five minutes by repeating this during a long homework session you might feel a bit better about doing homework for a long period of time.  

Some might not have an issue with doing homework but an issue with finding a quiet place to do their homework. If you deal with an issue where you aren’t able to do homework due to the place you are living, consider going to a library near your home. Alternatively, you can buy a pair of headphones with noise cancellation and listen to your favorite music while studying it might even make it more fun to do homework and stay motivated.  

One of the most important things to do when going to school is to sleep enough at night. If you stay up playing video games till three in the morning and go to bed when you wake up that morning you are going to feel unmotivated and tired which might make you sleep more and make you get to school late. According to, you should sleep at least eight to ten hours every night.

You might have a group of friends at school that you know very well but if they are often leaving school and you are also going with them when you do this you are missing class time how does this connect with motivation well because of this you are creating homework for later which if u have too much of you might not have the motivation to do. With your friends, you should offer to form a study group or help each other out this might make your homework easier and more fun to understand.