Teachers Summer Vacation Plans


June 14th keeps on getting closer day by day which means it’s almost SUMMER BREAK!!! I was quite curious what kind of plans teachers here at Pasco High have for this upcoming summer. Therefore, I talked to eight teachers in total during my classes and after school and asked them their summer plans and what they were planning to do. This hopefully could show students how their teachers enjoy their vacation plans. 

Mr. Campos: “To begin with, my summer vacations plans are going to San Diego for training, being the best man for my best friend wedding and working on granite construction.” 


Mr. Carreno: “I’m going to take training for the research program CESI and mort technology by making maps for about five days and remodeling my house by painting the whole interior and remodeling the kitchen cabinets.” 


Mr. Hockaday: “I’m going to Costa Rica for a week, training in San Diego, a few concerts, taking care of my two kids and starting my admin classes.” 


 Mr. Mendoza: “I will be spending a lot of time with my kids over the summer, going camping and also working on projects.” 


Ms. Perez: “What I will be doing over my summer break is traveling through Colorado, Arkansas and Montana to visit the national parks and riding my motorcycle a lot.” 


Ms. Pratt: “My summer vacation plans are going to Philadelphia for a festival, going to my friend’s lake in August and having hip surgery.” 


Mr. Rust: “My summer vacation plans are playing with my dogs and working in my garden because my wife likes growing fresh vegetables and since we also have to eat healthier food.” 


Mrs. Shellito: “I will be going to Disneyworld with my kids and going to the beach with my best friend who lives in Colorado that I haven’t seen in around five years due to the pandemic.”