Get to Know Mr. Rust!!


Job- Photography teacher  

Birthday and age- May 21 and fifty-three years old 

Three facts about yourself? “I have a fear of failure, I care more about my students than they will ever know and when my son died it changed me a lot.”

What was your first job? “My first job was putting nuts and bolts in a bag.”

What are your hobbies? “Photography, mowing the land, gardening, and taking naps.” 

Biggest pet peeve? “People who choose not to work.”

Favorite place to be at? “My classroom with all my students.”

Who has been your biggest supporter throughout the years of being a photography teacher? “My wife.”

What would be your perfect day be like? “Getting to sleep in, nice weather to take the dogs out and play with them, not falling asleep when watching a movie, having a nice dinner with my wife and falling asleep while holding my wife’s hand.”

What’s your biggest weakness and biggest strength? “My biggest weakness is not letting go of a problem until its fixed and my biggest strength is I see things and understand them more than most people can’t, nor understand.” 

Any pets? “I have three dogs their names are Pixel, Guinness and Moses.

Personal Moto- “Seek the sunrise”