Does Music Help People Focus in School?

Does Music Help People Focus in School?

As someone who has Airpods in all through the school day, listening to music helps me concentrate a lot. It makes my day go by much faster.

Almost anytime the teachers talk about something we are going to learn, I always turn down my music to hear about what we are gong to be doing in class. When the teachers are done explaining, I then blast my music and get to work, sometimes. Blasting my music makes it way easier for me to focus on the subject.

Now I went ahead and asked a couple of people including, my sister, my friends, my boyfriend and some strangers bout their thoughts on using music to help focus.

My friend Brisa told me that music helps her focus a lot. She also said, “music helps me concentrate so much better. When I don’t have music kind of everything distracts me and its harder for me to concentrate because of the insignificant sounds. The music cancels out the sound of other people and it helps concentrate on either my work or the teacher.” The last thing she said was “music puts me in a better mood.”

I relate to that so much because that right there is exactly what it feels like!

I then asked my sister Paris. She said, “music makes me concentrate in class a lot, music for me is a must! But what it always helped me with is when I’m in my classes, some classes would be super quiet and listening to music makes it feel less awkward and silent.”

I asked my boyfriend Cardin. He said, “music helps me in school because music is calming to me and while doing homework it makes me stay on topic. It also doesn’t make me lose focus on other things”

The last person I asked was a random girl named Londyn. She said, “music does help me focus. Sometimes you just need music to help you work. Its just better for me at least.”

I can now say that music really does help a person through school and while your working on assignments.