El Rey Fruta Rayada Review


We all know the mall is a popular place everyone goes to, but we often don’t see all the different stores they have. Like one that caught my attention when hanging out with my friend is a locally owned business named El Rey Fruta Rayada. I decided to do a review on this place, because I had never heard or seen anything about this fruit spot in the mall.

It is a located in the food court at Columbia Center mall here in Kennewick, in a corner in front of the store Inka Sport’s and by Macys.

Before eating there, we looked at their yelp reviews. Although they only had eleven reviews, they had mixed ratings with some people saying they loved the food and how it tasted fresh while others said they had a bad experience with the employees and that it was overpriced.

Reading the reviews customers have left I choose to see for myself. While waiting in line looking at their menu I saw they sold aguas frescas, fruit cups, respados (snowcones), infused redbulls, strawberries and cream, chicharrónes and papas.

When it was our turn to order we told the girl it was our first time there and asked what flavors aguas frescas they had. She answered us saying, ‘We have our rice water, strawberry rice water, strawberry lime, chia lime, and pineapple mango and we actually make all our waters.”

They also had a plate full of samples for us to try their different flavored aguas frescas.

Seeing that we didn’t know what to order she let us try some of their strawberries and cream that they personally make as well in a fork. The girls working were kind and helpful asking any questions we had and letting us try items.

She told us their strawberry rice water was their most popular sold product but for me it was too sweet I got the lime chia instead because of how refreshing and good it tasted.

We ended up getting the lime chia agua fresca, strawberries and cream that came with granola and sweet and condensed milk, as well as a small fruit cup that they prepared to our liking of salt, tajin, chamooy, lime, and chile and  used another cup to mix the spices with our fruit.

Overall, we had a good experience with the workers they were all outgoing and funny made it easier for us to make up our mind on what to get and left satisfied with what we got it all tasted good and fresh. Would definitely come back and recommend other people to stop by and get their favorite snacks from El Rey Fruta Rayada next time they’re at the mall.