New Principal at PHS: Mr. Stueckle Moving On After 20 Years

Principal Jacob “Jake” Stueckle has left Pasco High after 20 years and will continue to work for the Pasco School District. Our principal this year will be Veronica Machado.

Stueckle will be working with new principals in our district to build a strong school culture that’s the same across high schools.

With the district building two new schools set to open for the 2025-26 school year, one a traditional high school and the other a specialized high school, there’s work to be done to ensure all high schools in Pasco School District have the same policies.

“We are literally building from the ground up,” says Stueckle. “Like there are weeds where these schools will be.”

Mr. Stueckle has been Principal for five years, before then he was an Assistant Principal for seven years and a teacher for thirteen years. He started his career in education at Pasco High School in 2003 and finished it at the end of this 2023 school year.

“The job blends from ‘when are you really off work?’ to ‘you’re never really off work,’” says Mr. Stueckle. “I feel that five years was a good run.”

The time-consuming role works to improve student and staff life at Pasco High School.

“The thing I’m absolutely most proud of is helping to create a culture where staff are finding their leadership opportunities,” says Stueckle. “PLC facilitators, or our leadership teams, Department Chairs, or our PBIS and behavior team, we’ve really provided lots of opportunities for staff to work after school and lead change in the building.”

When asked about his impact on Pasco High, Stueckle references the old folk tale Johnny Appleseed:

“[Johnny Appleseed] was never going to eat an apple, he was never going to sit under or enjoy any of the shade from his trees and he still [planted them], and that’s the kind of leader I want to be.”

Ms. Machado is the Principal next year, with over 12 years of experience at Pasco High School.