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What the girls basketball team predicts for their 2023-2024 season


Well, it is getting to be that time of year again. Girls’ basketball is starting up here soon. In the past they have gone as far as making it to State! Hopefully, they can do it again this year.

We have interviewed a few of the girls about how their feeling with the new season coming up. I asked if they think this is the year they will come out undefeated. Alexis Caraway (shooting guard) said, “Yes, but only the future will tell.” Which is true. No one can predict the future but as Da-jaia Stell (center) said, “I think if we put in the work at practice it will show in the games. Then we can come out and do our best.” Another shooting guard, Mechalle Groce commented, “I’m not sure because we have been building our team back up. With fresh players in the mix comes new conditions. So, we are really just trying to play as a team and as a sisterhood.”

Some of the schools here in the Tri-cities are very tough competition for Pasco High. But that is what makes the game fun. “Chiawana or Kamiakin because they put up a fight every time and I like to play against their posts. They are great post players. They make me work for the ball and vice versa”  said Da-jaia. She loves having some competition on the court and so does Alexis. Alexis said, “My favorite school to play would be Chiawana because it is always very competitive and fun.” Mechalle said, “Honestly, I personally like to play against Hanford. They give us a run for our money because they have such good athletic girls on their team. When playing against them they put a lot of pressure which makes it fun and interesting to see who will win the game.” Playing against another school or team when it is competitive is what makes the competition a competition. Without a competitive, friendly nature between the teams, there would not be a good game.

Now sometimes playing a certain school can be frustrating and not as fun. Alexis said, “My least favorite school to play is Richland High because I personally do not have a good game when we have played them in the past. Things like stupid calls, bad playing, etc.” Along with Alexis not loving playing Richland High, Da-jaia has another school in mind. “The school I am least excited to play is probably Walla Walla. Just because it feels like we play down to their level every time we play them.” All the players on the team love a good competition. That is what makes winning feel like winning. Hopefully, this year our girls come out on top and make it back to state!

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