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Excuses to get out of a date

Getting out of situations you don’t want to be in
Excuses to get out of a date

Need an excuse to get out of a date? Need a way to let someone down gently? What should you do or bring on a date to keep yourself safe? Is social media safe for minors?  Keeping yourself safe is very important. A lot of sex traffickers use Dating apps, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Snapchat to keep the terrible cycle going. It’s important to know your resources and to know that if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe talking to someone online, you need to tell someone. An estimated 500,000 predators actively use social media to prey on their victims. Another crazy statistic is that 20% of children who use social media have reported falling victim to online predators.

What safety measures should someone take online?

  • Turn off Your location on Social Media and only share your location with close friends and family members
  • Never share your address
  • Never share what school you go to online
  • Don’t send explicit photos! Those photos can be used against you. Everything you put onto the internet follows you
  • Block suspicious accounts you don’t trust
  • If you feel you are being groomed online tell an adult. They would rather you be safe than anything else

What should you bring or do on a date to keep you safe?

  • Bring Pepper Spray
  • Taser
  • Share your location with family and friends and tell them when you plan on being home

What To do if you feel like you’re being followed:

  • Don’t show that you know you’re being followed
  • Never go home
  • Call the Police
  • Call Family and friends to let them know your location
  • Go to a Crowded place

Excuses to get out of date:

  • “I’m sorry, working late hours is mandatory”
  • Tell them you’re sick
  • “Sorry, a family member made a surprise visit
  • Tell them money is tight so you can’t go out
  • a pipe burst at home
  • “You look similar to my ex” (this one will hurt a little)
  • be honest with them
  • Tell them you’re parents won’t let you go. Most parents won’t mind being used as an excuse if it means you don’t have to feel uncomfortable.

Honestly, most people have been in situations where they want to let someone down but don’t know what to say. I think it is a lot nicer if you are honest but some people can’t take no for an answer. If that is the case, hopefully you can use these to help you. Remember you are not obligated or being forced to do anything with anyone if you are uncomfortable or simply don’t want to. Also remember you can’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to. It is important to respect people’s boundaries.

Works cited:

42 Believable Excuses and Ways to Get Out of a Date & Not Be Rude

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