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Favorite memories from seniors at Pasco High


Now it may not be the end of the year just yet, but it’s always fun to reminisce. Here’s a collection of favorite memories of Pasco High from Pasco High seniors.

From Kamaryie Gomez: “My grandpa picked up me and my friend Isaiah to a football game this was freshmen year I don’t know what day it was or what’s the event called but they had us wait outside the student parking lot they had a big crowd the band was there they marched us all the way down to the Edgar Brown stadium and had us go to the left kind of towards where the hill and then we went in through there all the students. We all got in for free big dubs and then they had us go all the way around the track to our actual area because it was a home game. So we got to get the good side not the bum side. We were there and then out of nowhere I see this older girl. She was talking to one of her friends, I’m talking with my friend, Isaiah, and she just says ‘woo lets go’ and then she bumps into me. I said ‘excuse me’ and she said ‘oh my fault, little bro’ and I just started talking to her and her friends. She goes ‘oh you’re pretty cool you and should hang out with us’ I’m like ‘I’m here with my friends’ she goes ‘get ‘em over here’ so I drag them over there. We just sat with them we talked with them for the entire game and they were seniors so it was two freshman hanging out with like four or five seniors. One of them was the girl who we became friends with drove us home after the game.”

From Elian Perez: “My favorite memory was probably when I ran an 11 5 on my 100-meter race during districts last tri”

From David Perez “My favorite memory was watching a kid fall down the stairs.”

From Jorge Neriojege: “We were practicing on one of the fields on Pasco property and we were pushing this wooden thingy for one of the football drills, and like all the teams amping us up, hyping us up to keep pushing, keep going and I think that was really fun.”

From Javier Diaz: ” My favorite memory at Pasco High would probably be the classes because I had some pretty fun classes. The students were pretty fun pretty chill the teachers also pretty fun pretty chill.”


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