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Get to know Ms. Hunter


Do you have any hobbies?

I like taking care of all the animals in my room, tennis, rockhounding, and hanging out with family and friends 

when did you get your first pet here?

My first pet was a fish and I got them before school started in the 21-22 school year so August of 2021.

what was your first pet?

I was a little girl and my parents got us rabbits when I was little and that’s when we discovered that I was allergic to animals and we didn’t have them very long.

how were you in high school?

I was not a serious high school student I remember just putting in enough effort to get B’s and still have a lot of free time to do whatever I wanted to do I remember my best friend she was one of the valedictorians of my high school class there were seven of them and I remember her telling me “Nicole if you applied yourself better you’d be getting A’s” and I told her “but if I applied myself more it would take more time and right now doing what I am doing is giving me be and I am great with that”.

What is your favorite music artist?

My favorite music artist? I don’t really have one I really do enjoy some Milky Chance and some Kngs of Leon but I still like Ace of Aces I have a lot of different ones that I like and one of my favorite playlists is the playlist that the students have helped create that has a wide variety of artists, styles, and languages.

what’s your birthday? 

May 24th I am a Gemini.

what are some things on your bucket list?

Now that my son is 18 I am interested in going skydiving at some point but I don’t know maybe when I get older seeing the world would be on my bucket list but right now I’m just trying to live each day to the fullest and enjoy every moment.

Who’s the newest addition to your classroom?

The newest addition is the crawdads and they have not really been named I have three of them and they are super interesting to feed and watch them eat it is kind of disgusting but interesting all at the same time like you can’t take your eyes away.

Who’s your favorite?

Ooh, that’s so hard well the fish they’re not my favorite because there’s just so many of them but the axolotls like Medusa she’s so stinking cute and she’s always looking at you like you know that she’s just hoping for a worm but Mr. Apples he’ll sit on your shoulders and then Senor Avocado so I guess I have three favorites Medusa the Axolotol Mr. Apples the bearded dragon and Senor Avocado the Russian tortoise but I mean Bananas and Blackberry they’re pretty cute but they’re not Medusa.



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