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Procrastination: why is it harmful?

We all procrastinate without even noticing

Procrastination is a problem that needs to be talked about more and is a volatile habit that only hurts you. People procrastinate all the time even unintentionally for example when you’re sitting at home with the sink full of dishes and you think you’ll do them later, that is procrastinating and it’s a big problem in our school. A lot of teachers will put an assignment on teams that won’t be due for another week and as fellow students, we all have said, “I can do that later. It is not due till next week.” Which isn’t a bad thing since you have time to turn it in but procrastinating is a bad habit that is easily fulfilled without you even knowing.

I think there are many other factors that contribute to procrastination such as being overwhelmed with things to do that when you finally take a break you don’t want to finish that last piece of work which can lead to failing class or missing deadlines.

A lot of students think about only passing the class. To them, the difference is a D and an F and can result missing out in opportunities that they could find if they paid attention, turned in all of their work, and showed up to their classes. But there is one problem that is a constant for procrastination: cell phones are the biggest problem for forgetting or putting work to the side. When you can sit on your phone and indulge in content that is made to get lost in.

But students aren’t the only problem let’s say you work in an office and every time you pass by your boss they are sitting on their phone not supervising or doing work it would give you the incentive to not do work and that’s the reality of some classes very few teachers will put work on the projector and sit on their phones and expect the students to do all the work and pay attention when most of them just sit in their phones and when the end of the trimester comes the teacher is wondering why the student didn’t do their work when they can’t properly teach. I think putting more strict turn-in dates will help the problem by making the students turn in the work and pass the class to promote good working habits and punish bad procrastination habits also having more strict rules on phone use and how they can be helpful but there’s a time for that and that time is not during class. But I think that we could all just try to stop procrastinating and see where that gets us and we would excel so much as people and in our work.

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