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Why should you value childhood memories?


Life can be beautiful or can be considered to be really bad for others. They say how you grow up really affects your habits as an adult or even your lifestyle or decisions. For example, childhood memories reveal our moments when we were small, being silly, sad, and angry.

Even though some people have not had happy childhood memories due to family members or other reasons, it’s important to realize that many of them did not have control over what happened, whether it was good or bad. When we hold to childhood memories that are bad we hold onto past hurt, and it can start to haunt us.

Now you may be wondering why it’s important to talk about this? Let me explain why all kinds of childhood memories should be valued, regardless of how bad or good they are. It’s because childhood memories represent every person’s inner child when they were small.

We make decisions through life and those memories can also reveal what type of person we are, as other people call it “self identity.”

Another reason why childhood memories are important and people should value them more is that we can often forget our culture and family or we can lose connection with our inner child. Someone’s inner child represents who they are today. What you love, who you hang out with, what you do, and your interests. Also, it’s often nice to think and look back on how your mom would take you to school, how much fun you would have on the kindergarten playground, or the days you stayed home and watched your favorite cartoons.

Though not everyone experienced the same memories as a child, you’re childhood memories make you who you are. People that didn’t really have a good childhood, are strong and unique. They may struggle with certain decisions but they have experience and know to live their adult life and manage decisions as adults.

Childhood memories can also shape your future and influence things like what job you choose. Childhood memories can also hold value in you’re life, like treasure and gold. They can hold a sense of purpose in your life and you can often find yourself feeling nostalgic about the things you did when you were a kid. Our memories can help us remember the best times we’ve lived or even the bad times. Bad ones and good ones should be considered important because they shape who we are as humans all around the world.

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