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The most dangerous sport

The most dangerous sport

Many sports are dangerous in many ways. Not only are they harmful but they can put someone’s life at risk. When debating if you should play sports, it can get confusing to know what mindset to have because you always should look at the pros and cons.

For example, if you already have health problems like asthma or other health conditions, it is best to first check in with your doctor to see the if sport you’re interested in is safe for you. Checking in with your doctor can also be helpful for someone who doesn’t know if they have health problems because if they don’t know certain things about their own body, their doctor can help them know for later in their future because of the update they got from their visit.

According to Warrenton & Linton Hall Pediatrics, “It helps to identify conditions that require a treatment plan before or during exercise such as uncontrolled blood pressure, eating disorder, or certain lung conditions. Typically, you should have your physical about six weeks before your sports season begins so there’s enough time to follow up on something if necessary.” 

This explains all that’s needed and why it’s a must before planning on playing sports. After doing much research, it was found that basketball is considered to be the most dangerous sport in the United States. According to LiveScience, “More than half of a million people suffered basketball-related injuries last year.”

In other words, this can mean over the year the number of injuries could have been even higher. The three main injuries in basketball are ankle sprains, knee injuries, and concussions.

Ankle sprains mainly happen when landing awkwardly or when one of the other players step on it. When an ankle is sprained it usually swells up, starts bruising, and cant put pressure on it.

Knee injuries’ happen when falling on a hard surfaces quickly which happens a lot in basketball.

Concussions happen when players fall on the floor and hit their head or when players are hitting one another directly onto their head causing too much pressure to function properly.

Being benched in basketball means a player not allowed to play at the moment or is being removed for the rest of the game. When being benched the player should ask the coach what caused them to have to sit out so the next time they play they wont make the same mistake and can practice instead.

People should do research before joining any sports to know the good and bad things for their own bodies. This helps the person be more prepared for what they have ahead of them in any sport.,disorders%2C%20or%20certain%20lung%20c onditions.

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