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How does technology impact us worldwide?


Technology is the term used for TVs, Video Games, WIFI, Cell phones, Tablets etc. Technology is found everywhere in this world. In this generation, Technology has had a big impact worldwide.

Though technology does not seem dangerous, it is. Technology can be dangerous due to the fact that many people spend most of their time on it and forgetting to do daily life routines. Many people don’t realize what Technology could do.

Technology could also harm people mentally and physically, such as leading to poor posture and a lot of headaches. What happens with technology is that many people often forget what is going on around them. They find themselves stuck, and find themselves in a loop each day, repeating itself when they include technology in their life.

Technology is now making it possible to do a lot of things all at once. Technology has also brought a lot of good benefits. Technology has made Netflix, Door dash, Amazon, Wish, Google, possible, and much more. These apps depend on technology and can be found anywhere around the world if technology is a source.

Many people think Technology is a great source for everyday life. In this generation, technology can help people order food without having to go to food places and can help you online shop. You can get stuff delivered to your house and also get to know a lot other people across the World.

However many people tend to let go of themselves for too long and let Ttechnology manage their life each day. This ends up in days that feel repeated. Eventually this puts your mental health at risk.

If you don’t know if you are being controlled by technology, take a look at your life choices each day. When people let themselves go and prioritize technology more than it should, it could end up in poor life choices like staying in your room all day, isolating yourself from others.

”Technologies such as handheld tablets, and computers, smart phones can hold a person’s attention for long periods, which leads to eye strain.” states Many people should focus on the side effects of technology that could put them at risk of their over all health. People’s health is important and, if not taken care of properly, they could end up sick.

Technology should still be a thing in this world, just don’t let it get to you. Because once you do, you’ll feel trapped, and will find it hard to be your normal version of yourself . Technology has also impacted behavior and personality of other people. This proves how much technology could do to our mental and physical health and how it impacts the way we behave either positively or negatively.

Technology has done a lot for the world. Without technology we wouldn’t be able to talk to relatives from miles away. Technology isn’t harming the world or you unless you let it affect you negatively. Regardless of how you may feel, technology will always be a thing in the world.

Technology is designed to help people with all kinds of questions or concerns. Modern technology has expanded over time and has had bigger updates over the centuries. Technology can also really affect children of all ages. It affects children due to inactivity. You may notice they want to use their tablet more, and once you take it away you may realize they start crying and seem inseparable from it. This causes children to feel and become attached to a phone, device, or tablet. They just want to be playing games or watching YouTube videos and they often forget to enjoy their childhood.

Technology is not bad but if you let it control you and consume you, it may end up as an issue for your everyday life.

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