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All about Outdoors Club

Wondering what outdoors club is? Find out right now!

Ever heard of Outdoors club before and wondered what’s it about? Whether you have or haven’t, be ready to learn all about Outdoors club. Outdoors club is centered around nature and activities that can be done in the outdoors. Outdoors club is a fun club that anyone can join if you are willing to learn about the outdoors, you don’t need experience to join as well so don’t be nervous. Mr. Lamb is the club advisor, Troy Flores the president, and David Ochoa the vice president so if you are wondering anything about the club these 3 people are good sources to go to. Outdoors club is every Friday during E/I in Mr. Lambs classroom room 286A by the ASB office, all you have to do to go is sign up for it but if there is a day when we don’t have E/I or Mr. Lamb is gone the club have been canceled.

Outdoors club is about the Outdoors which talk about different topics like fishing, hunting, and how to keep yourself safe in the wilderness. If you ever want to plan out a fishing trip you can learn different fishing spots depending on the fish you are fishing for and when it’s most active during the year. There are many things you must know when fishing which is why you can learn it all in Outdoors club. Outdoors club will teach you what kinds of rods to use when catching certain species of fish and how to use it. Bait is very important when fishing and different kinds of fish like different kinds of bait so learning which fish likes what bait will be helpful on your fishing trips. Another thing that you can learn is how to tie a knot on your fishing lines, tying a knot seems easy but it’s useless to tie one if it gets undone easily while fishing with it which is why there are special knots to use that are strong. Hunting is a big part about being in the outdoors so Mr. Lamb can let you know good hunting spots during the meetings depending on what your hunting but you can’t hunt without a license which is why Mr. Lamb has gone over how to get a license which there are in person and online classes. Outdoors club will show you where to hit animals when hunting whether you are using guns or bows.

Outdoors club goes on different trips like fishing trips, outdoors shows, and even helping out at events. The most recent trip was the salmon trip back in September 2023, if you want to fish at these trips you are going to need a license. The club will go to outdoors shows, these are shows for people to show off products that can be used during any outdoors trip, products that can be found are baked goods, fishing baits, knives, lighters, and much more. An upcoming trip is going to be in March in Spokane it’s going to be an outdoors show. In order to go on these trips you must earn enough points, how to get them is by showing up to meetings, helping out with the club, or community service. The club will provide a sheet of paper for you to keep track of all the meetings you’ve been to and community service you’ve done, it must be signed by the person you helped or if you’re at a meeting it can be signed by Mr. Lamb, David Ochoa, or Troy Flores. Points is what allows you to go on these outdoors trips and get club merch like hoodies and hats with the club logo.

This is what Outdoors club is about, just having fun learning about nature and traveling to other places everyone is welcome to join.



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