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Registering for Tri-Tech: Pre Nursing

Registering for Tri-Tech: Pre Nursing

I have always been interested in working around kids, babies, and toddlers so when it came down to deciding to do tri tech for Early Child Hood Development it was always in my head to do Child Hood Development because at a young age I was always told that I’m good when working with kids and ” kids love you” so I took that into consideration and had many thought to become a teacher. When I told my old trimester teacher I was interested in that she said “I can see you accomplishing that because you have patience when working around other kids.”

I always questioned myself if it would suite me or not until I found out they have Early Childhood Ed 1 and 2 classes at Pasco High I quickly signed up for them because not only would it teach me how to work with kids but it would be a good opportunity to practice to see if I’m going to be committed into doing it or choose another career.

The first Early Childhood Education in Pasco High is mainly teaching you how to learn when the baby is crying and what you can do to help stop it from crying. The 2nd Class at Pasco High is more challenging because it shows you places to go if kids are ever in an abusive household, or how you can tell their trauma based off their actions, shows students different activities, and shows safety’s at other daycares around tri-cities.

I noticed when working with kids you really have to be committed and a lot of dedication because they notice if your mood changes or if your feeling upset and/or frustrated. According to ”It’s important to hold them accountable for their actions if they decide to test the waters by seeing what they can get away with.” In other words this quote is saying kids try misbehaving to see if the people watching them will let them get their way.

Looking at other careers that I thought I would like I came across working at the NICU but that’s a lot of studying at once. After doing research at Tri Tech I started looking at different careers that still involved kids and helping people and I came across Pre Nursing and it really caught my attention.

Pre-Nursing is mainly to see if you are really interested in becoming a nurse so its preparing you for bigger goals for the future ahead of yourself. It was perfect timing because that’s when students were able to sign up for Tri Tech so I took advantage and asked my teacher to help me sign up before it was too late.

When I heard it was about grades and attendance I got all my grades up so when its time for them to look at their roster I could have a better chance on getting into the program.

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