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PHS Robotics

Learning how to code and build robots

Do you know what Robotics is? It’s okay if you don’t but be ready to learn about the class. Robotics is a class you can take at PHS. There’s robotics 1, 2, 3, and 4. All four of the classes are about building and programming robots to complete task that you wish to be fulfilled. As you advance through the classes you gain more knowledge about building and programming the robots. Robotics is ran by Mrs. Sharpe in the CTE hallway in room 136-A.

Robotics 1 and 2 are just learning about the basics of coding and building a robot. When you build the robot you are following instructions on a simple claw robot that can drive, pick up objects, and move it’s arm up and down. Coding that you will learn is velocity, distance, wait time, going forwards and backwards, turning, displaying shapes and colors on the robots interface located on the brain, and more. Some task that you will be expected to complete in this class are having your robot go to inspection sites and waiting for a few seconds then drive to the next site. Another task is programming the robots arm and claw to move objects one from inspection site to another. Robotics 1 and 2 is also about learning how to solve problems on your own.

Robotics 3 and 4 is more of an advance class you have more freedom of doing what you want but you must stay focused so you don’t lose that privilege. There are two teams in robotics 3 and 4 which both teams must plan out and design a robot that is able to compete in the game Over Unver or what ever the game is being held that year. Over Under is the Vex robotics game of 2023-2024 which robots must try and get as many tri-balls into your net as possible or having as many tri-balls in your zone to score points and once the match is over if your robot can climb on the elevation bar it can score additional points, the higher it climbs the more points are awarded. There is also an autonomous 15 second period where the robot is following a program to score points and once that period is over the teams can control their robots. Nana Antwi, a senior in the class of 2024, is the robotics 4 Skills USA president and one of the team managers. Skills USA is an organization that teaches young kids valuable skills like work place, personal, and technical skills. Once your teams have created a robot ready for competitions you will travel to Vex robotics tournaments, a recent tournament was in Oregon at Vale High school, February 9th 2024 and an up coming event is state competition in Seattle, March 21st-23rd 2024. Anyone is more than welcome to join the class and learn how to code and build robots.

If you would like to keep up on the Robotics class there is an Instagram account: @pascohighrobotics and a Tiktok account: @pascohighrobotics

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