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Art of War

February 28, 2024
Art of War

The sport of physical combat is more than just fighting. To some like me, and many of my brothers, it is a beautiful art that goes back to the dawn of time. Even before it was considered a sport for people’s entertainment.

Boxing is a sport where style is everything and my two favorite examples of that are Iron Mike Tyson and his signature peekaboo style. He would shell up, usually against bigger and taller opponents with his gloves rested tightly on his cheek bones, dodging, weaving, and slipping inside to close the distance. Thus creating an opening for him to let go with a power shot that was notorious for putting its opponents to sleep. Captain Hook Roy Jones Jr. is another example with his signature hands down style, he would often implicate the Philly Shell and use his speed combine with distance management to bait his opponents. With his left low below his waist and his right hand up a little more by his chin, he is ready to catch anything coming his way with little guard. This would often freeze his opponents and when he noticed he would leap in with his deadly hooks and leave opponents dazed and confused, to the point where he would let out a flurry and end the match.

MMA is a sport in which every single physical combat sport is implemented and may be one of the most entertaining and exciting moments you can experience. Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier is a trilogy of great fighting where both warriors show outstanding versatility and adaptability to what ever is thrown at them. Both fighters with an impressive rap sheet in wrestling came head to head in a heated rivalry where Jon reigned supreme. He had a moment even Cormier could appreciate, the fight IQ of Jon Jones was in their third fight. Jones was in the third round, with about 2 minutes and 30 seconds left, he hit Cormier with a head kick and left him dazed, trying to escape the punches of Jon jones. Instead of just running at him swinging, Jones would kick out his legs, spinning him in the process, leaving Cormier unable to stand up straight. Jones then took advantage of this opportunity and jumps on him to finish the fight.

The art of war is one of the most interesting and entertaining things you could be apart of or watch. In my opinion, this art is the most fun and useful sport you can do.

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