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Why is it so hard to get a job?

The troubles high-schoolers face nowadays with getting a job.
Single college graduate in gown holding hire me sign

Why do so many of us have difficulty finding a job? How do employers want people with experience, but no one is hiring us? How are we going to EVER get a job?

A thought that most of us seniors/juniors have is: “I need to get a job”. Simple, right? You just fill out an application, go to an interview, and hope for the best. But nowadays, it is not that simple. Here at Pasco High, many students talk about how hard it has been looking for a job, especially jobs that will hire part-time.

Not to mention the fact that most jobs will REQUIRE you to have some experience to work there. But how will we get experience if no one will hire us?

This is a problem that plagues many high schoolers, but why? One of the reasons could be competition. Many high schoolers apply to job openings close to Pasco High or close to home, but since we are all trying to get a job, we all end up applying to the same places. This creates a competition between the applying candidates. Another reason is time management. Many places are requiring candidates to agree to a 4 to closing schedule, but many students have homework and other chores to complete after school. Other reasons include limited openings; Some businesses may not have as many part-time positions available or may be cutting back on some hiring. Some jobs require you to be at least 18 years older.

It’s becoming more and more common to not get a call back from an employer after an interview; or get a call back at all after applying for the job, even. Competition has caused this, and the economic situation of certain areas as well. More and more employers have been laying off workers or using fewer workers due to being replaced with things such as self-checkouts.  Some people have criticized this movement by saying that just adding self-checkouts to a store takes away real opportunities and real jobs from people. Though most stores usually have someone guarding the self-checkout, it is not the same as a job a real cashier has, and the experience they gain with it.

Another main issue is the fact that employers want full-time workers and not part-time workers. This can be troubling to us high schoolers because we have school, homework, and some of us have after-school activities. This applies to the fact that they are looking for full-time positions to be filled, which does not make these jobs available to us.

So, what can we do about this big issue? Well, not much. This issue goes deeper than what it seems, with corporations, owners, and big markets. What you can do are steps to better your resume and make yourself seem like the perfect candidate for the position. Volunteering, getting awards and good grades, and certifications you can get through clubs and school are all ways to make you stand out on your resume, and in an interview. Make sure to stay out of trouble and have bad things such as too many pullovers, because employers often ask for a background check

If you get an interview, make sure you follow the usual steps; dress formally, speak formally, speak with a confident voice, and make sure to sell yourself. If you can, bring an extra copy of your resume so that you can walk the interviewer through your experience, awards, and other achievements. While it may seem irrelevant to show things such as good grades and school awards at a grocery store position, for example, it is not. This will show them that you are responsible, hard-working, and trusting.

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