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12 Pieces of Advice From 12 Pasco High School Seniors


12 Pieces of Advice From 12 2024 Graduates at Pasco High School:  


  • Jack Fredrickson- Tennis Team Captain  

You need to do everything in your power to accomplish your goals. Nothing worth having is going to come easy, and people aren’t always going to guide you through life. Try your best to be prepared for the obstacles that may come your way. The more work you do now, the less stressed you will be later.”  

  • K’mwee Hser- ASB Secretary  

“My advice to lower classmen is you can always change, and you can always grow, as long as you allow yourself those feelings. If you don’t accept changes, if you don’t accept friendships that you’ve outgrown, then you’ll always stay the same, and that’s scary. Who wants to stay the same?! Change is scary but staying the same is scarier!!” 

  • Anita Valdez- Head Drum Major 

“Overall, it is most important to try new things while you are in high school, especially during freshman year. If possible, find something you really love and stick to it. Extracurriculars are a great way to make friends and connections while doing something you enjoy. Additionally, if you plan to go to college, the best applicants are those with 3-4 years of experience in even just one sport or club. But most importantly, the skills you develop and the memories you make in activities outside of class will stay with you for a long time. If you haven’t tried joining any extracurriculars or sports yet, I recommend finding the time (and willpower) to try one for at least one trimester. You might be surprised at what you find!” 

  • McCarty Kubalek – Athlete, Musician, Student 

“Do whatever you can now to ensure the best possible future for yourself. 

What does that look like? 

That means to do your best to get A’s in all your classes. That means to participate in sports and to do your best in them. That means to regularly participate in other extracurricular activities. That means to show up to your classes every day. If you do what you can to ensure yourself a great future, then your future will turn out great.” 

  • Danna Martinez- Senior Class President 

“My advice to lower classmen is to not be a hater. Everyone is still trying new things and figuring things out for what is to come after high school. During this time of finding yourself and your interests, have fun and enjoy every moment. Even if it’s something new put your foot forward and lean into it 100% and you might find your new passion, hobby, or even build new friendships.” 

  • Emily Vargas- ASB and Senior class treasurer 

“One piece of advice I would say is to be involved as much as possible. My high school experience would not have been as great as it has been if I didn’t join ASB or Marching Band. Being involved in at least one extracurricular can make so many amazing memories that will last a lifetime.” 

  • Bryan Martinez Ramirez- Student Athlete  

“Hello, my name is Bryan Martinez. I am a senior at Pasco High School. Advice I have for students that are enrolled or going to be is to, enjoy everything in the moment from the late night homework’s to the Friday night lights. One big advice is to turn in your assignment and pass all your classes, so you can enjoy open periods your senior year. You will only live these moments once  before you graduate and have to work the rest of your life. One reminder that I could give is, it doesn’t rain forever!”  

  • Bradley Lemon- Yearbook Editor in Chief 

“I know too well that high school is what you make of it. If you think your too cool to cheer on your peers in the stands, way too shy to get on stage, or maybe you keep saying each year you will do it the next, the chances are you won’t enjoy your time here at Pasco High. 

 Then before you know it graduation will come faster than you think, and then suddenly you are in the real world, enjoy it while it lasts, take the risks, join the club, find your passions, and hop on that stage, do it all because in the end you won’t regret it.” 

  • Jakob Whitemarsh- Just happy to be here  

Don’t procrastinate. School is only as hard as you make it be.”  

  • Emma Faleyev- Second year Tri-Tech Student 

“Through all my years of schooling and work experience, I have a lot of advice that helped me, but I’ll share the main 4. One, show up. It may sound lame or unimportant, but when absences pile up, so does your schoolwork. Two, stay focused on your assignments while in class. Finding a school and life balance can be difficult, especially if you work, have after-school activities or responsibilities. That’s why using the time for school IN school will really give you that sense of order and clarity in your schedule. Three, there is a time and place for everything. So please. Have. Special. Awareness. There have been so many times when a group of people block an entry way, hallway, or door. Let’s remember to respect people’s space and time. And finally, number four. It is what it is. That mindset has saved me so many times from being stuck in a constant loop of worry and anxiety. Knowing what you can control and what you can’t will make a big difference in the way you view problems. Cheers and good luck to the underclass men!” 

  • London Hughes- Tri-Tech Early Childhood Education Student 

“My advice would be to advocate for yourself. If you feel as though your needs aren’t being met academically or emotionally never be too embarrassed to speak up for yourself because there are always going to be people who want to help you and you deserve to succeed. You never know what services are available to you if you never ask!”  

  • Ariday Lopez Ramirez- PHS Senior 

“Adapting to life in the US has been challenging for me, especially in terms of grammar, and communicating. Since I recently came from Mexico, but with perseverance, and dedication it is possible to combat those limitations. 

This is largely thanks to my college prep teacher Ms. Smith, whose patience and guidance have been instrumental in my development as a writer and communicator.”

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