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Why We Think Shellito is the Best English Teacher

Why Shellito is the best English teacher/overall best teacher at Pasco High

At Pasco High, we have all had many different teachers and school staff that we interact with, but we think that one specific staff member outranks all, Mrs. Shellito.

Mrs. Shellito is a teacher at Pasco High School and she teaches classes such as creative writing and English. Both classes are required for graduation. She is very experienced and good at teaching these subjects because she makes them interesting and engages with us. She also has a background of being a financial advisor and acting, and she went to the University of Washington.

Coming from a small town named Sunnyside, Mrs. Shellito came from small-town living and is a very humble person. She says that coming from a small town has shaped who she is today.

Mrs. Shellito not only has the experience to teach, she also has a unique teaching style that makes it fun. She actively engages with us and has new ways of explaining a story or a new topic to us. Either by coming up with games or breaking them down, she always makes sure that we fully understand what is being taught. These ways make it easy for the students to understand the material.

The other way that Shellito is a great teacher is by the connections she creates with her students. She always tries hard to establish a real relationship with the students, so that they won’t just be just another student. This is always a nice thing because you feel that your teacher is more than just a teacher.

We have both recently had Mrs. Shellito as a teacher and felt a connection right away. She always makes sure that all her students feel safe and heard. Even when students were not doing good in her class she always helped to the best of her abilities. She was never biased towards her students and always treated everyone equally. Some students had better relationships than others. But in our personal opinion, she was always the easiest teacher to talk to.

We have also had personal issues that we could not consult with anybody else but Shellito always makes you feel comfortable to share your troubles with her. She listens and somehow she always has had a similar situation going on to give you even more advice to help to fix your issues.

Shellito herself says she misses her students when summer break rolls around, and we can see why. She loves to talk to us and interact by different activities such as playing games or hands-on activities when it comes to teaching a topic or playing games such as ones to get to know us better. These activities make us feel welcome in her classroom, and let us know that she is more than just a teacher to us.

Random Mrs. Shellito information:

Born: Sunnyside, Washington

University: University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

Degrees; Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Master in Teaching

Growing up: Grew up in Sunnyside, Washington. In the countryside, she grew up on a farm, with her horses, and her loving family.

Fun fact: She once worked at a building in Seattle where they shot the helicopter scenes of Grey’s Anatomy, and she almost met a few of the actors.

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