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Resin Figurine Treasure Hunt Takes PHS Portables by Storm


At PHS, a trend is going on among the portable classrooms. Ms. Mathews, a teacher from the portables, has started a unique game involving resin figurines that she has been placing around the area. Inspired by her son’s duck hunting adventures during recess, where teachers hide figurines with multiple levels of rarity, she decided to bring this exciting game to the students. She explained her motivation, “Even though just because you guys are older, it would be fun for you kids to come across a little colored duck or a little colored dolphin and think what a little treat.” The game has been ongoing for the past three weeks and is only at the portables, adding excitement and anticipation to the everyday school routine. 

These figurines are different due to their distinct levels of rarity. Out of all the little figurines, ducks are considered common since there are several of them. Pandas, on the other hand, are rare, due to their fewer amount. Moving up the rarity scale, dolphins have been placed as ultra-rare because they are even more difficult to find. Finally, the mushrooms hold the status of being legendary, which was assigned to them because of their extreme shortage, which means only a few of them can be found.   

These figurines are special and interesting because they have unique features. They glow beautifully in the dark, which makes them more charming. They are also transparent and come in many different colors, which makes them stand out from other collectible items, especially when the sun hits them, they gain an amazing shine. 

But like we’ve said, this didn’t start at PHS, it started at Mark Twain Elementary, and it’s gotten serious. According to Ms. Mathews, it has evolved to kids finding and trading with each other for different levels of rarity and color. They also have been trading the figurines off each other with candy “Now my son has been buying gum from the corner store and trading one piece of gum it’s a whole I don’t know mafia thing over there”.  

This also isn’t just for the enjoyment of the kids Ms. Mathews has said her motivation also comes from the enjoyment she gets from placing and checking if they have found her figurines “What’s fun for me is like I’ll hide them and then I’ll go back around and be like oh someone found that one, oh no one’s found the orange panda”. So, PHS students the next time next you’re heading to class in the portables or heading to the main building from the portables keep a lookout for one of the figurines. 

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