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Balancing Act; Tips and Tales

Balancing Act; Tips and Tales

Working a job while in high school can be stressful and difficult but not impossible. I think it’s crucial for teenagers aged 16-18 to start looking for jobs or to hold a job. Teenagers need to start learning about finances and the importance of saving and earning their own money. When you obtain a job, you learn and obtain many skills to use in the future. Skills like time management, leadership, communication skills, cash handling, and customer service skills. Skills that could help you potentially achieve a good career in the future. You also get to take a paper from the page of being an adult and juggling shifts while still trying to keep your grades up. Today I will be explaining how to have a job and make your own money while keeping your grades up!

I obtained my first job at age 16, the summer of my sophomore year. During the summer I decided that I should start my search for a job. After a long and difficult search, I found a job that would give me time to still be able to complete my homework but still earn money. As a teenager, the only jobs available to you are fast food and retail. Sadly, during my search, there were no retail jobs available so my very first job was in fast food. I worked at Arby’s, and I thought applying there would be easy as not many people eat at Arby’s. When I started working, I was proved wrong everything was so difficult. My job title was Frontline Cashier I thought that meant I only worked the lobby but during that job, I learned everything is your job. My duties included taking orders, bagging food, frying food, taking orders in the drive-thru, vacuuming the lobby, wiping tables, taking out trash, sweeping and mopping, refilling ice, and cleaning the bathrooms. Not to mention, how rude customers can be in the fast-food industry I would get yelled at for food being cold when I wouldn’t make it. A customer at the drive-thru window paid me 15 dollars in pennies once! It was truly outrageous. Although, my coworkers and the money made it worth it to work there. As time went on the sales at Arby’s started to plumage, and my hours began to be cut, I was working 6 hours a week! I began my new job search, but it has to be noted that I will forever be grateful for that job as it showed me many skills that I can now use to obtain a new job. When searching for a new job I decided I needed to get out of the fast-food industry. I found a retail job, selling shoes at a shop. Which for me it was a big step up with more hours, more money and even a decent number of discounts on shoes! It’s important to find an environment where you feel comfortable with what you are doing, and for me, fast food wasn’t my type of environment it wasn’t what I enjoyed.  As my dad always said growing up “If you do what you love the money will work for you.” I now understand, that every day when I had to work fast food I dreaded it. The rude customers, the nasty bathrooms, the splashing of oil, the yells and remarks customers make. But at my new retail job, the customers are friendly and I get to stock and work at my own pace. While working my job I made sure to not get distracted from my academics and schoolwork, I made time for both. As much as money is important so is school it’s the key for you to get a good career which will double your money income. Therefore, working a job should not be an excuse to not get your work done!

Time management is a crucial skill to have while balancing a job and your schoolwork. I asked a student here at Pasco High School named Tha Dar Ler who from what I found out is also a fast-food worker. He works at a pizza fast food place that is very popular here in Pasco. My first question was “How do you handle working a job and attending school?” To which he answered, “I do my schoolwork on the days I don’t work or sometimes I finish while in school so I can rest the days I don’t have to work.”

This to me sounds like a good plan because when he fulfills his schoolwork at school it gives him the days, he has off to rest instead of stressing about school. Also finishing his work on the days, he does have off from work also is a good plan as it means he’s still completing his work and is using his time wisely. Some jobs like fast food offer wider and more flexible schedules because the employer understands that you are a student before you are a worker.

My following question was “Do you think you manage your time well?” To this, he said, “Yes I think I do because I tend to have a lot of free time.” Meaning he fulfills his tasks quickly and efficiently all while maintaining a job.

My third question was “How would you describe the environment of your job is like?” He answered, “I would say the environment of my job is organized because everyone has their own thing to do. When everyone is doing their job properly and not slacking it all goes smoothly and we can all go home on time.”

He expresses that when everyone works together for a common goal to leave work on time everything goes smoothly and faster, not only is he learning time management but teamwork skills that could come in handy for a career in the future.

My next interview was with Hailey Nation, she is also a student here at Pasco High and she works retail at a clothing store I asked her the same questions except she works retail. The first question was ” How do you handle working a job and attending school?” To which she answered, “I handle school and a job by completing my work in class or if I don’t finish my work I will bring it and finish it at home or on my breaks at work.” To me this shows excellence in a student, she prioritizes her schoolwork and does not let her job get in the way of her being a good student.

My next question was “Do you think you manage your time well?” She says, “Yes I do manage my time well, I believe I complete my assignments on time and I still maintain my job while completing duties effectively.” Again, I think she shows what you can do if you put your mind to succeeding!

My last question was ” How would you describe the environment of your job is like?” She responded, “I would say the environment of my work is friendly but mainly people focus on being on task.” This again explains how if we all work together, we can achieve a bigger goal. The main takeaway from this interview would be that you can work a job and remain academically responsible. You can learn a lot from a job regardless of whether if it’s retail or fast-food or any other job you will obtain life skills.

Today I will be providing you with some examples of some jobs you can obtain from the ages 16-18. It is important to begin your job search while in high school so you can gain valuable knowledge and skills. There is a job website that helped me land my first job, which would be Indeed. Your first step would be to create a resume, if you don’t know how to do this, we have many teachers here at Pasco High who could help you create one for example Mrs. Kauer helped me create mine. She teaches financial literacy and is required to graduate here at Pasco High. Indeed, has a website called “15 of the best jobs for teenagers to consider in the future.” It states that “Since teenagers typically have school obligations for most of the week, part-time jobs offering weekend and evening shifts are ideal. These part-time positions can be good starter jobs since many require little to no experience to pursue. Such part-time work can also allow teens to work a more flexible schedule that aligns with their schoolwork and extracurricular activities.”  It explains how many jobs are flexible and offer part-time for students enrolled in high school. It also gives some ideas of jobs you can apply to like grocery store cashier, restaurant host or hostess, barista, frontline cashier, or team member at a retail store. There are many great first jobs to begin with and you should look at what is available here at Pasco High.

My tip for you would be to start this summer! During the summer a lot of jobs are hiring teenagers because the schedule is more open! So don’t be afraid to get out there and look for some jobs earn some lifelong skills and make some lifelong friends. Not only that but you will feel a great sensation of pride by making your own money!


Resources – Personal Experience, Interviews from Tha Dar Ler (student at PHS) and Hailey Nation (student at PHS)


15 of the Best Jobs for Teenagers to Consider for the Future | Indeed.Com, Accessed 17 May 2024.



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