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Teacher Spotlight: Dustin Lamb

10 Questions to Get to Know a Long- Time Pasco High School Teacher, Mr. Lamb!


“Question One: How long have you been at Pasco High?”  

Mr. Lamb has been teaching at Pasco High for 16 years. He taught in Ilwaco, Washington and Grandview, Washington before coming back to his roots in Pasco as a class of 1995 graduate.  

He started primarily teaching social studies, until around 12 years ago when he began his journey as a leadership teacher and ASB Advisor. 

“Question Two: What was your career plan in high school and how did it change after graduation?” 

In the words of Mr. Lamb himself, “I wanted to be a high school football coach and teacher. And I became a high school football coach and a teacher.”  

He explained that while his dream was to be in the CFL, he loved being a high school football coach for 20 years- 16 years as a head coach. He also was a baseball coach for 3 years, spent 2 years as a girls’ varsity basketball coach, and coached a little track! He coached at Ilwaco High School, coached the Grandview state football playoffs at one point, and then came back to Pasco High to coach here as well.  

He ended up taking a break from coaching about 8 years ago to be more involved as a father but plans to pick it back up in the future.  

“Question Three: What has helped you stay at Pasco High for this long?”  

Mr. Lamb was born and raised in Pasco. He claims he knew the Pasco High fight song before he knew his ABCs and is a bulldog at heart! Having this spirit and love for this school caused him to come back and teach, as well as stay here for as long as he has. It is just in his blood! 

“Question Four: Who inspires you most as a teacher?” 

Many teachers may agree when Mr. Lamb responded to this question by saying his students! He said his leadership 3 and ASB students inspire him and also connected it back to his experience as a football coach. 

I asked him to expand on this and he said: “I wanted to be a coach. I found out I loved teaching because I learned I could have an influence over a bigger group than just the guys I coached. Coaching is teaching and teaching is coaching”. 

“Question Five: What is the most rewarding part of your job?”  

His answer to this was simple yet powerful. He said his role as a teacher feels most rewarding when he sees who his students end up becoming after they leave the classroom. For him, that has looked like watching his students turn into awesome adults, seeing them come back to PHS to teach like he did, being great parents, having good jobs, and seeing them around town.  

“Question Six: What do you struggle with most as a teacher?” 

He said the biggest struggle that comes from teaching is working with kids who don’t care. As a teacher, he wants them to succeed, and it can be hard to try and get a student to care about accomplishing their work and learning what they need to. He said the lack of motivation and trying to turn that around for some students is a struggle as well.  

“Question Seven: What do you enjoy doing to relax in your free time?” 

In the free time that Mr. Lamb has, he enjoys spending it with his family- specifically watching his kids play their sports. He also loves hunting and fishing. Without fully giving his favorite hunting spots away, he loves anywhere in Northeast, Washington, and Montana!  

“Question Eight: Where do you see yourself with your career in 10 years?”  

“That’s the question I’ve been asking myself lately”, said Mr. Lamb in response to my asking this question.  

He said he sees himself still teaching, however he may want to get back into coaching again, or even coach while teaching elementary school PE.  

“Question Nine: What is a top favorite experience you’ve had throughout your career?” 

For Mr. Lamb, his top favorite experience is the cumulation of seeing students he used to teach, like Sierra Perez and Timmy Martinez, come back to coach and teach after having them in leadership, and watching them be successful.  

A specific moment he shared was when he was inducted into the PHS Hall of Fame without knowing and was surprised at the event. It was a big day for him he will always remember. 

“Question 10: What advice do you have for students going into education?” 

“Teach like they are your kids. Have that care and concern for them more than just being their teacher. Before I had kids, I just taught. But once I had kids I thought, ‘How would I want my daughter taught?’ Or ‘how would I want my son coached?’ It puts it into perspective.” 

“Bonus Question 11: What is your favorite food and movie?” 

Lamb’s favorite food is Lasagna and his favorite movie is Tombstone. 

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