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Summer 2024!

Activities, volunteer work, inexpensive plans and jobs to make summer 2024 the best summer yet!

Are you ready for summer 2024? I know we have all been stressed out about school and are anxious for summer to roll around the corner, but the truth is undeniably most of us are going to spend the summer sleeping in, scrolling through social media, and being completely real comparing our summer to the people who are traveling. But traveling is so expensive! This article is going to show you fun activities, inexpensive plans, volunteer work, and job opportunities to make the most out of the summer this year.

Traveling can be very pricey and let’s be honest not everyone has the financial capacity to afford a big luxurious vacation. There are things one can do that are cheap and affordable. One thing that you can do is go hiking! Badger Mountain is a nearby place you can go and visit, and you can even catch the sunrise or the sunset! On a website called Ordinary Adventures, it says “Hiking here is accessible all year round, but the long sunny and warm spring days with incredible wildflowers are my absolute favorite. You have quite a few options for hiking in the Tri-Cities. My absolute favorite is Hanford Reach, because of its landscape unique in Washington State, along an undammed 50-mile stretch of the Columbia River.” There are many options here you can explore and it’s completely free.

Not only do we have a museum here, but they also allow volunteers during the summer it’s a great way to keep occupied and learn new things! In Ordinary Adventures, it also mentions “The Museum includes natural history as well as human history and gives you an introduction to the many geologic forces that formed the landscape in the region as well as how human activities (such as the Hanford B Reactor) have influenced it.” The museum teaches you about how the tri-cities came to be and the history behind it. Not to mention volunteering at places looks pretty good on a college application or resume! Another place that I know you can volunteer at is the animal shelter they’re always looking for people to walk dogs or even spend some time with them. Not only does volunteering help your resume, but it also gives you some sense of fulfillment in being able to help out others or animals as well.

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is go on picnics! You can go out and buy some fresh fruits at local markets and if you don’t want to spend money you can cook something at home and bring it to the picnic! This is a fun activity to do with friends or family. Other things would be going on a swim, it could be to the river or the memorial pools located here in Pasco Washington. Lastly, invest in yourself this summer! Whether is working on yourself by working out or getting a job. You can get a free summer pass to the gym at Planet Fitness (PLANET FITNESS INVITES TEENS TO WORK OUT FOR FREE ALL SUMMER LONG FROM MAY 15 – AUGUST 31 | Planet Fitness)

If you get anxious to go to the gym, because of the large amount of people that go to the gym! You can always work out at home and go on runs because the weather is going to be warm and sunny! Next, summer jobs!!! Many jobs hire during the summer you can work at a retail job or fast food! They hire the most during the summer and it’s a great way to get a shoe in to have a job during the school year. Having a job also looks good in a college application and you would be making your own money to be able to save or spend as you choose! My favorite thing to do when summer is almost ready to wrap up is going to the local fair! It’s so fun to go ride rides with your friends or with your family and eat all the fair food. The fair can be pricey but sometimes you have to make a sacrifice to make moments that will last for a lifetime! While sleeping in and watching social media all day is a great way to relax it’s good to get out there and make the most out of your summer. Try and make new friends and try new activities, make summer 2024 the most productive and fun summer yet!

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