Student Mental Health


A lot of students struggle with mental health problems. It has become a common thing, this is why I decided to make this article about how students and friends at Pasco High deal with their mental health problems.

I decided to interview students and friends during lunch since that’s when they mostly have time for themselves. I interviewed students out in the campus of Pasco High since it’s a quiet place and it lets them concentrate more on what they want to say. The reason I decided to do this article about mental health is because is something that a lot of students deal with.

I started off by by asking students about mental health related questions because I want to know what makes students stressed or drained and how they deal with their mental health problems.

The first person I interviewed is my close friend Juan Mejia, I asked him how he dealt with his mental health problems, “I just do whatever I feel like doing, and I don’t let people tell what to do,” said Juan. This told me that just by being yourself you can somewhat feel unbothered by your problems or solve them.

Some students prefer to be left alone since they don’t wanna get bothered or get anybody involve with their problems, but it’s always okay to reach out and ask friends, family member, or teachers for help. School can be mentally draining to students weather it’s from grades, due dates on assignments, or they simply just don’t like their class.

This is why I asked a student here at Pasco High, his name is Carlos Rodriguez. I asked him how he deals with keeping up with his grades and assignments.

“I pay attention and do whatever needs to be done so that I don’t gain any unnecessary anxiety and make things hard for myself,” said Carlos.

This is what every student should do, no matter how hard the assignment is, you just have to do what needs to be done or else things will just get complicated for yourself. Students have to find the right solutions to fix any of their grades and deal with it the best way possible. Students should also be more aware of their surroundings as well since you never know if the things you say might affect others, and since you never know what other people are going through we should just be kind to one another.

The last person I interviewed was my friend Adriel Ramirez. I asked him what the best way to deal with his problems is, “I deal with my problems by just distracting myself playing video online games with friends or just watching entertaining shows” Adriel said.

Sometimes just having fun with friends is enough to make a person have enough to the point where they forget their problems which is a good way to deal with it since it can change your perspectives and motivate you to start changing yourself for the better. Mental health is extremely important because affects how we think, feel, and act. Students and teachers should be more aware of how important it is, since it can become extremely hurtful to some people who don’t know how to deal with they’re mental problems. It’s always okay to reach out for help, and to help someone who might be in need. Always find the right ways to do things, and be responsible with what needs to be done. We are all humans and we all deal with our own problems so treat everyone with respect because you never know what they might be going through.