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    Is weather the biggest contributor to school event crowds?

    How weather contributes to the attendees of school events.

    One of the biggest factors in how many people show up to school events is the weather. Most of the school events take place out in places like the stadium which is not shielded from the effects of weather. Most people avoid going outside when it’s either super cold or rainy or if it’s super hot. So, unfortunately, when a school event takes place outside and it happens to rain, a lot of people will not go and the whole energy of the audience is somewhat gloomy. Or if it’s super hot, people are more likely not to show up because of how convenient it is to stay inside with AC at full blast. If they do go most of the time you must bring extra water or a handheld fan to cool yourself off. On the days where the weather is comfortable the crowd is always bigger and is filled with more spirit and the whole experience is way more enjoyable.

    All school events are planned a year in advance and due to this the weather is unknown at the making of the events and only changed due to extreme circumstances which doesn’t give any leniency when it comes to the event. I asked 20 anonymous students if they attend school events. Eleven of those students said they attend most events such as sports and marching band. When I asked those same students if they avoid certain weather conditions, 4 said they would go no matter the weather and 7 said they wouldn’t go if it was either to hot to cold or if it was raining. The responses are as expected, and it shows how the majority will either not go or will go if certain conditions are met. This is to be expected from high school students. But in my opinion, all school events are worth going to show your bulldog pride and support your fellow students in their games/shows. But this makes me wonder if it is just our school with the pride we have for our players/musicians because of our belief that we aren’t as good as the other schools. But those who pay attention will realize that our students put way more soul into our concerts and games with each player thinking of each other as family and I think we should all think of Pasco High School as one big family. But, in the end, no matter the weather we should support and show our bulldog pride.

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