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Garden Hotpot Review


Garden Hotpot is a Chinese restaurant that features authentic Sichuan as well as Shanghai dish styles. Dishes originating from the Sichuan region with amazing, distinctive flavors, while Shanghai’s Dim Sum stands out as some of China’s finest. Garden Hotpot is a restaurant that is led by a dynamic husband and wife duo, each of whom draws inspiration from their hometown culinary traditions. The fusion of their backgrounds results in an amazing layout of fiery Sichuan hotpot and a good subtly flavored Dim Sum. The chefs offer an authentic experience. Whether you’re seeking individually portioned Dim Sum or a communal hotpot for larger gatherings, their venue and menu cater to every occasion. I would recommend going and indulging in a diverse selection of genuine Chinese cuisine. Hot pot, also called steamboat, is a traditional Chinese cooking technique where a pot of simmering soup stock is placed at the dining table. This pot is filled with an assortment of East Asian ingredients and foodstuffs. As the broth continues to boil, you can cook the selected ingredients directly at your table, similar to the fondue method. Common hot pot ingredients can contain thinly sliced meats, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, wontons, egg dumplings, tofu, and various seafood. Once it’s cooked, the food can typically be enjoyed with a variety of dipping sauces you can make.

As soon as you walk in, you’re hit with amazing smells and a cozy vibe. Come along with me as I check out this awesome spot, trying out their tasty food, chatting with the friendly staff, and sharing all the juicy details of my dining adventure here at Garden Hotpot. My friend and I were greeted with a smile as soon as we stepped inside, there was no wait time which we were highly thankful for since we went on a weekday. I asked the waitress what appetizers she recommended and she said you can never go wrong with the spring rolls and Shanghai-style pork pot stickers. Once we got our appetizers, my friend and I shared since they come in a somewhat big portion. The spring rolls were nice and they had a crunch to them which we enjoyed. The pot stickers were nice as well, they were filled with nice good flavor. For the main course, I ordered a wonton soup, beef dumplings, and thinly sliced chicken with spicy soup. My friend got the Hand-Made Lo Mein and the thinly sliced steak with the savory soup. It was my first time trying any kind of wonton soup, it was delicious. It’s a comfort kind of soup. My friend and I tried the beef dumplings and the inside was steaming hot but they tasted good. The outside texture was smooth and was also very delicious. The thinly sliced chicken was my favorite. The soup wasn’t too spicy. The vegetables it came with were nice and soft as well. It was fun cooking the chicken. I also tried a little bit of my friend’s Hand-Made Lo Mein, it was a little salty but not to the point where you can’t eat it.

Overall, the food was really good and I would love to come back and try out some other stuff on the menu. The customer service was really good, if we had any questions the waitress would always respond without being bothered or annoyed. The other staff seemed nice and genuine. The restaurant has a nice interior design and it’s a nice and peaceful place. There was no issue whatsoever when I visited this place, I would recommend this place to my family and friends.

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