Does Halloween Deserve It’s Own Break?



Every year when the highly anticipated Halloween season comes around, people all around get in the spooky spirit. And students want to enjoy this experience to its fullest because it only comes once every year. And what if they couldn’t do that? Halloween doesn’t get any days off from school like Thanksgiving, or Christmas does. Halloween is the holiday where kids of all ages stay out late at night trick or treating, not the best if Halloween is a school night. And this year specifically, Halloween lands on a Sunday. That means that school comes right after a weekend of many scares and enjoyable festivities. Not the best time to go to school and let’s be honest, nobody will want to go to school after Halloween, and will most likely skip.

This has been a debate for many years, because people believe that since it’s a national holiday just like Christmas and others, it should be treated like them too.

When I was younger and even now I always wanted to stay home the day after Halloween because I wanted to chill out and eat all my candy. Plus staying out late at night could make anyone tired the next day. And I’m sure that many others feel the same way.

“Halloween is a major holiday just like Christmas, I agree, and many people skip school or take off their jobs for the day anyways.” Says Levi Whitmer, a Sophomore.

But in all honesty Halloween could be a fun time at school, teachers can do their own Halloween activities, or just add a little more fun to their lessons. The entire school can do activities like a big costume contest.

But think about the people who want to use the most of their Halloween time. They go trick or treating, hang out with friends or family watching scary movies, or even go to a party. In most cases they’ll be staying up late and would want the next day to rest and relax the best they can.

Levi Whitmer also says, “often people stay up too late the night of Halloween or the night before and forcing us to go to school so deprived of sleep seems cruel.”

I think the best thing to do is to get feedback from the students. Students should be able to voice their opinion as well, and teachers should make a poll for the students to vote for whether we should have a Halloween break, or not. This would be a good thing to decide for students and teachers as well because it’s a holiday that everyone deserves to have a break on.