Do You Want Those 4 Minutes ?


Bryan Martinez Ramirez, sports

Do you as a student enjoy four more minutes in lunch or having seven minutes passing time ? 

I asked twenty people and five out of the twenty enjoyed seven minutes of passing time more then a four more longer lunch which shows that more than half enjoy a longer lunch. I enjoy four more minutes in lunch rather then seven minutes of passing time because it gives me more time to eat a good meal that will keep me going throughout my school day. School is a place that takes up a lot of students energy away and to restore that energy it is important to get a good healthy meal in before heading back to school to continue to have a good open mind without being draining with no source of energy aka food in your system. It also enables you to focus and concentrate on the rest of your afternoon.

School can also be exhausting and with a longer lunch. We as students are able to have a time to have a mental break, and those little more minutes in our lunch make a big difference because it gives our brain opportunity to know that we have more time and we don’t have to stress about having to leave right after we eat or not even having enough time to eat and now with those extra minutes we are able to have a break to lay down on the couch if we are able to go home or if not to be able to lay our heads down on the lunch table or a desk or wherever we are eating lunch that day.

A long lunch can also give us more time to socialize with our friends, having a good amount of time to talk to our friends since when we are in our classes we are expected to pay attention and most of the teacher are strict about talking while they are trying to give us lesson and teach us what is needed.

I also asked another twenty people how many of them had friends in their classes and only three out of the twenty said they have friends in their class which shows that we don’t even have opportunities to talk to our friends other then lunch which sucks. But it is also good because we are more likely to pay attention in our classes but having those extra minutes to socialize with them before going back into our classes without our friends is important. Having this time to just take for yourself and time to reflect on how your day has been or how your week has been can be very beneficial as well. You can take time to release any stress you have and it can make a big difference on how you react the rest of your day or how you take on the rest of your day, because stress can effect us and be a lot to handle at once and having time to figure it out or cope with it can be the best feeling ever after feeling so overwhelmed or having a lot on our plates as students because we all know that school can be a handful at times.

The little time matters and as students we would take them into consideration and use them wisely. Even though a good amount of time for passing time is nice having a better long break or lunch  between it all is more beneficial for us. In conclusion in my opinion longer lunch is better.