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Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Everybody wants to be successful in life, but not many can achieve it. Have you ever wondered how someone becomes financially successful with time? What you must know is that it is not an easy journey, there will always be ups and downs throughout the way but what matters is how you get through those situations in your life along the way.

Being successful can be hard and difficult for many people due to pressure, stress, or time not being managed correctly. Success plays an important role in everybody’s life. Though struggling could be hard it gives a sense of hope that one day you’ll overcome the struggle easier.

Mindset is something that helps you have a certain perspective on things that happen such as struggles or failures. Mindset helps you think harder or smarter in life. Many people who don’t have a Growth mindset when they fail in certain things think they are not enough or tend to think they are not capable enough of doing anything good in life. Simply they are more negative than people who have Growth  Mindsets.

People who have  Growth Mindsets have better strategies for thinking and tend to succeed more because they tend to be more positive. Even when they fail, they verify the mistake and move on and make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Our mindset contributes to success by attitude towards success and failure which is shaped by our mindset.

Mindset can be powerful in many different ways, such as it impacts the way we think and the decisions we make on a daily basis. When people have a growth  mindset they tend to believe in their talents, such as efforts and it requires a lot of hard work. People with a Growth mindset see failure as an opportunity, compared to people with Fixed mindsets tend to see failure as a fall. Additionally, this could lead them to think they are not good enough to do something that is so easy or complicated.

Something that is common between Fixed and Growth Mindsets is that both mindsets found in different people could still lead us to make mistakes throughout our journey. What matters is how we get up from that fall.

According to, “People with a fixed mindset are likely only to take on tasks that will reaffirm their abilities, in other words, they only reach for goals they know they’ll reach in the long run, this really limits their success in life,”

This means that people with a Fixed mindset view a limit accordingly to their success depending how far they get, people like this tend to let Mistakes define their success.

Another quote from was, “people with a growth mindset are ultimately more likely to be successful and surpass their current level achievement.”

This means people with a growth mindset tend to overcome any challenge and chase success and sometimes go over their goals. People with growth mindset are excited to learn and they want to continue to learn and grow as individuals through out their journeys and they tend to be ready for challenge.

Now, that you know the difference between a Growth and Fixed Mindset, here are some steps to develop a Growth mindset: change you’re beliefs, focus on self-awareness, and embrace your challenges as much as you possibly can. No matter if you fail, change you’re perspective and view of your challenge and look for ways to overcome it. Not everyone grows up with a growth mindset. As time goes by you learn to embrace life’s challenges easier and eventually develop a Growth Mindset if you choose to.

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