Ding Tea Review


On Sunday, my friend and I hung out at the recently opened Vietnamese restaurant, Ding Tea, and I have some thoughts.

First of all, the location of the restaurant was very convenient due to the very expansive parking lot so space is never limited. The atmosphere in the restaurant was very cozy and was very aesthetically pleasing to look at. The floor plan in the dining area gave a very spacious and breathable area for guests. The flower wall is a great spot to take pictures and it gives a very good vibe to the restaurant.

Now to the drinks, I ordered a taro and coffee drink with brown sugar tapioca ($6.50 16 oz.) and cheese foam. My friend, Km’wee, ordered a strawberries in milk green tea ($5.50 16 oz.). On the positives, the taro and coffee combination was a recommendation given to me by the hostess, which is a friend of mine, so the service will be bias but based on my experience was very pleasant and welcoming. The drink was great and the taro and coffee complimented each other perfectly. The brown sugar tapioca was a little mushy in the middle which told me it was overcooked but in general the taste and the texture was decent and gave the drink a nice caramelized taste that I enjoyed and the cheese foam was the cherry on top giving a nice subtle tang to the drink. The strawberries in milk tea was a little too sweet in my opinion, but it is my friend’s go to drink so do with that information as you will.


To the next part of the stay, the food. After we received our drinks we decided that we would order food from the restaurant and the prices were a little high to put it lightly. We took our time looking through the menu seeing what would fit our high schooler budget with the noodle soup being $18 and my pork belly sandwich was $7.50. While the food was very delicious and filling, the price is too high in my opinion.

Overall, the experience at Ding Tea was very pleasant in both atmosphere and food. My only qualms with the restaurant is the prices on the food and specifically the noodle soup being outrageously overpriced. But prices aside, I recommend this place if you’re looking for some delicious tea.