The Gym

The Gym

Hi, this story is going to be addressing the gym and pre-workout. The gym has always been an exceptional way to get in shape physically, but the gym doesn’t only help physically it helps mentally also. I believe the gym is a great place to be at because there is a whole community around it for all ages and all people and its very welcoming atmosphere. The most common ages that are found in the gym are from the ages of 18-34 so you see a lot of different ages in the gym which is very benefitable because that means there is wisdom all around you. Furthermore, some people might be intimated by going to the gym because of who knows what their reason is, but you should never be intimated to start going to the gym because it’s a whole community where people come to better themselves and all share a common goal.  

How to Get Someone to Work Out

What pre-workout do you drink and what does it say about you?

Well, there are a lot of pre-workouts out there, but I’m only going to be talking about a couple of pre-workouts like for example if you use C4 as your pre-workout you most likely are new to the gym because the amount of caffeine in C4 is not worth the bang for your buck.

Next on the list we have Bucked Up. To put it in perspective this pre workout will make you feel like you’re out of your mind if you’re not used to taking beta-alanine so be warned. It has 350 mg of caffeine which is not bad for forty dollars so it’s a decent pre-workout and has many flavors. Now this pre-workout isn’t just any regular pre-workout this one contains DMAA which is an illegal substance that could cause a heart attack.

This pre-workout is called O.G CRACK and it earned its name because taking DMAA will last around 4-12 hours. People have many side effects and raise blood pressure and lead to cardiovascular problems ranging from shortness of breath and tightening in the chest to heart attack. Preworkout Supplements- Addiction or Dependence? · HealthKart 

In conclusion, don’t be scared to start going the gym and don’t be scared to ask for help from other people. Also be mindful of the pre-workout you take not everyone can handle it or you might have some health issues you aren’t aware of, so make sure to read those labels.