On This Day In History- May 18


On may 18 1980, Mount St Helens volcano in Washington state exploded, leaving 57 people dead or missing. This volcano had a magnitude of 5.1 at 8:32 am. This volcano was accomplished by all kinds or different events.

At the same time of the earthquake, there was a volcano and its northern bulge and summit slid away as a big landslide, which is the largest debris avalanche on earth in recording history.

A small, dark, ash- rich eruption plume rose up straight from the base of the debris avalanche scarp, and another from the summit crate that rose to about 200m (650ft) high! The debris avalanche swept around and up ridges to the north, but almost all of it turned westward as far as 23km (14mi) down the valley of the North Fork Toutle River and formed a hummocky deposit. This total avalanche volume is about 2.5 km (3.3 billion cubic yards) that’s equal to 1 million Olympic swimming pools!!

Another event that happened on May 18 was the 1927, 45 people die in the Unites States’ worse school massacre. The Bath School disaster involved pair bombings of Bath Consolidated school in Bath town ship, Michigan, U.S., that killed many school children.

The perpetrator, Andrew Kehoe, also killed five adults along with himself in the worst school massacre in American history.

Kehoe had been planning this events for months. Before this disaster happened he placed dynamite and the World War I explosive under the flooring of the school. He murderer his wife a day or so before May 18.

On the day of the massacre, he used rigged explosives’ to destroy the buildings of his near by farm moments before the explosives in the school were triggered by an alarm clock at 9:45am. The north wing of the school was destroyed in the explosion, and 36 children and 2 teachers were sadly killed.

About half an hour afterward, Kehoe droves in his truck to the school. The backseat of his truck contained metal debris that was piled on top of dynamite, and Kehoe fired a rifle into the backseat when he arrived at the school. The truck then blew up, killing Kehoe.

The school superintendent, two other adults, and a child managed to escape the building. When research workers went searching through thee rubble of the school, they later found 500lbs explosives in the south wing that had failed to detonate, suggesting that Kehoe had intended to blow up the whole school.


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