How Does the Internet Affect Us as People?

How Does the Internet Affect Us as People?

Have you ever thought if the internet affects the way we think or do things? This article will how the internet affects the thinking process of someone who is often on It.  

On Average how long do you think internet users spend on the internet maybe 1 to 2 hours? That would be wrong. According to, the average internet user spends about six hours and fifty-seven minutes of their day on the internet, almost one-third of your day is taken from using the internet and sometimes you do not even realize it. 

While the internet is sometimes fun and entertaining being on it is not always so great. Having the satisfaction of being able to find what you want when you want is messing with your attention span.  

Before you eat do you ever feel like you need to find a video or a movie to watch while eating your food? Unfortunately, I am guilty of doing this, but this goes back to how the internet is affecting us. Some people are not able to sit down and just do the task they want to do without feeling the need to watch something or hear something. 

Often the internet is always reporting sad news everywhere. This affects us because seeing these things might make us worried or anxious and put unwanted thoughts into our heads.  

Using the internet might affect your relationship with your friends or significant other. How does this happen? Well, you might not want to hang out with your friends, instead you prefer to sit and watch a movie or scroll through social media at home with nobody. Things like these also affect how much exercise you do.  

The internet can not only affect you mentally but physically. Video games are one of the other reasons you might not go outside since you are able to play with your friends and have fun. While it is not always bad to be playing video games it is important to go outside and play some sports with your friends as video games are easy to get lost in for hours.  

All things we have heard so far are only negative things about the internet so how about we move into how the internet positively affects us? The internet for some people has made their life easier. Being able to have multiple functions in a pocket-sized electronic is not always so bad. 

When people are confused about something they might use the internet to do some easy research not all the information on the web is true but still could provide some information about what they are looking for. Planning to go somewhere far away, the internet can provide information on how to get there and what the place you are going to is like. 

 Many people can now look for and apply for jobs more easily thanks to the Internet. Many people can work at home due to the internet, which might make your life easier if you have children or someone you take care of.  

There are many educational videos or lessons on the internet that can help you understand something or gain knowledge of something you did not know before that could change your perspective of something you have always thought of the same.  

The internet has its ups and downs as we have seen but in reality, the internet is what you make it, how you might ask? Well, you have the option to delete or ignore unwanted applications that might make you feel uneasy about something.