Get to know Ms. Pratt


Job: Science teacher teaches zoology, forensics, and biology

Birthday: March 7th

Facts about her: used to play in a band, is also a hair stylist

Hobbies: likes to play the guitar, loves to paint and also enjoys gardening

Something not a lot of people know: used to be a boxer

Dream vacation: Belize

Something you dislike:  fake people…. just be real

Fun facts: owns a salon, mom used to make my own clothes when I was younger and I know how to fight

Advice you’d give kids taking you’re class: don’t skip…. show up and do the work. It’s not bad as you make it seem

What were you like as a teen: a very angry teen, but was also very creative, artsy and musical.  Also very outdoorsy, very fun and I moved out at a young age